Airdate: Travel Man


The IT Crowd‘s Richard Ayode, who previously fronted Gadget Man, has a new series beginning tomorrow night on SBS 2.

Travel Man is a 4 part series in which he explores more fun, more efficient, and less tedious way to enjoy travel …with all the boring bits taken out.

In each episode, Richard and a celebrity travel companion will be jetting off to an exciting location. While he’s there, he’ll be challenging himself to see and do as much as possible in just 48 hours, and subjecting so called tourist attractions to his ruthless scrutiny.

Episode One: Barcelona
Richard braves the bustling crowds of Barcelona with his companion Kathy Burke. Kathy, who hasn’t been abroad for over a decade, has a lot of vacationing energy to expend, and may not have the same relaxing cultural break in mind as Richard.

Thursday, 10 March at 8.00pm on SBS 2.

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