Easter non-ratings begin to bite


Easter non-ratings began to bite last night with numbers down across the board.

My Kitchen Rules eliminated JP & Nelly to the tune of 1.25m viewers, its lowest figure this season, but not enough to lose its #1 mantle. It was the sole show over the magic million. First Dates was also down from 738,000 to 660,000 for its final episode, but winning its slot it is bound to be renewed.

Trouble continued for Reno Rumble at 381,000 in preliminary figures. Yesterday’s 453,000 will also be adjusted to 401,000, leaving Nine in no doubt to its failure. It can’t risk the show being there when ratings resume on April 3rd. Having Footy Show in all cities spared the network a humiliating primetime share.

The Weekly and Home Delivery both bucked the trend, lifting for ABC whilst Long Lost Family slipped from 564,000 to 491,000 for TEN.

Seven network won with 32.2% then Nine 25.7%, ABC 17.8%, TEN 16.7% and SBS 7.6%.

My Kitchen Rules held at #1 but dropped to 1.25m for Seven followed by Seven News (927,000 / 925,000), Home and Away (719,000), First Dates (660,000) and The Chase (558,000 / 356,000).

Nine News was 893,000 / 895,000 for Nine followed by A Current Affair (749,000), The Footy Show (556,000), Hot Seat (507,000) and Reno Rumble (381,000).

ABC News (798,000) led for ABC followed by 7:30 (634,000), The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (558,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (556,000), Luke Warm Sex (409,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (301,000).

The Project was 527,000 / 423,000 on TEN then Long Lost Family (491,000) and TEN Eyewitness News (450,000). Movie: We Bought a Zoo was just 298,000.

On SBS it was 24 Hours in Emergency (317,000), Walking Through History (256,000), Vikings (218,000) and SBS World News (122,000).

Peppa Pig topped multichannels at 229,000.

Today: 311,000
Sunrise: 290,000
ABC News Breakfast: 97,000 / 67,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 23 March 2016


    • That is harsh. There are 18/19 FTA channels and cooking or renovation competition-dramas are only on 1 or 2 in any timeslot. If you don’t like them select one of the other 16 or so channels, or use one of the free streaming services or one of the paid streaming services, etc, etc. The FTA audience is shrinking incredibly rapidly and without drawcards like MKR to bring revenue to the industry it would be in worse strife than it already is.

  1. @Davidknox I was just wondering how is Marvels Agent of Shields rating in its late timeslot? I still think its being wasted in all hours of the night the show gets better all the time.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    SBS programs also held their numbers from last week (Vikings was good again last night). Perhaps only crappy shows are affected by the pre-Easter period? I expect tonight’s numbers to take more of a hit.

    • I know it was probably unintentional but I love how you spelt Nine.

      It works given the context because you could say people are saying “Nein” to Nine. (Nein of course being the German word for no)

  3. I don’t care that Reno rumble has tanked, the whole design of the show was to take down 7’s house rules (which is much better IMO) when 9 was doing copy 7 on everything last year, I’m glad hot plate isn’t returning

    • Absolutely agree – was surprised people gave it a chance last year and even more surprised it returned. Will be interesting to see whether House Rules benefits or suffers from it’s demise.

      P.S. I hope someone at Seven have checked they’ve bought all the “Cats Make you Laugh Out Loud” episodes before Nine go looking for them!

      • Has anyone shown “Toddlers …”, “Kids …”, “Grannies …”, or “Puppies …” (not “Dogs …”; 7’s already shown that), or “Budgies …” from Ch 5’s “… Make You Laugh Out Loud” stable yet?

        I’m guessing someone’s hanging on to last year’s “Christmas …” for later this year.

        (I kid you not – all those, and more, exist…)

    • Hot Plate is returning. It will a version of the Come Dine With Me format that Nine owns the rights to in this country, to hedge against a lose in the upcoming lawsuit.

  4. The “tweaks” they made to Reno Rumble have only made it a show that can’t decide if it is The Block or House Rules. In many ways it is a povvo version of The Block with annoying contestants.

    After watching 3 episodes I’m out.

  5. The most enjoyable part of RR is the numbers, look forward to seeing them everyday, ha!
    I tried watching it, I really did, each nigh, all it is is Scott Camm commentating then contestants recapping what they did, yet to see any actual renovating. Most of our time is spent on 9life watching reno shows now anyway, suppose our new ‘faves’ wiil be bumped for RR

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