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Comedian Luke McGregor reveals plenty on his sex life, or lack thereof, in a new ABC series.


Contains adult content.

“Talking to my parents about sex was huge. It was ridiculously awkward and it was one of the first things we did,” says Luke McGregor.

“All the fears I had about growing up and all the fears I had about making the show were there in one interview.”

Comedian Luke McGregor has bravely gone where so few of us have gone before -asking his own parents about their sex life. Eww.

In Luke Warm Sex McGregor opens up about his own personal challenges. At the age of 33 he has had sex only twice. What on earth is he doing putting himself out there in an ABC series?

“It got to the point where I couldn’t perform or maintain an erection”

“I was just so nervous about it and I never really got over the angst. The nervousness in my teenage years never really went away. It got to the point where I couldn’t perform or maintain an erection when someone was around,” he confides.

“About 28 or 29 I thought ‘I guess this just isn’t part of my life or something I will ever sort out.’ So I tried to focus on other stuff.

“It was a taboo topic. I never really learned about it from school or my parents but when I saw it in a movie or porn there would be no communication, yet it would always go perfectly.

“As I got older I felt even more embarrassed asking questions.”

Cleverly, some would say foolishly, he worked his angst into a stand up comedy routine, which Northern Pictures helped develop into a documentary series, with director Hayden Guppy.

“It’s about trying to encourage people to communicate about the topic. Ideally I’d love it if a couple who aren’t satisfied with their sex life start talking about it.

“Every single person I interviewed who had a good sex life, had one thing in common: they were all able to talk about it very openly. Their fears, their preferences, their desires. It wasn’t a taboo topic for them.”

Talking to his parents about sex is just one of the frank inclusions. McGregor meets a group of nudists. When in Rome….. he strips off for the cameras.

But the series keeps it all light with McGregor’s unashamedly awkward humour.

“Should I have sex with someone and get them to rate me?”

Not much is off limits, with the boundaries limited only to any activity undertaken for sexual pleasure between 2 or more consenting adults. Topics will include body image, touch, techniques, how to spice things up, role-playing and fetishes.

“I said ‘Should I have sex with someone and get them to rate me?’ But it didn’t seem right and we wanted to make it more inclusive. I’m a straight male and we didn’t want it to be just about that. So if we’re going to look at genital massage techniques then we should look at more general ones,” he explains.

“So we tried to make it broader.

“It would be great if people think about sex less as intercourse and more as a fun, explorational activity. I didn’t know guys could be stimulated from their prostates. I didn’t even know where the clitoris was.”

McGregor admits that going nude in front of his crew was challenging, but revealing aspects of his life in interviews has been tougher. Thankfully it’s all been worth it.

His sex life has improved significantly.

“Yes. A million times. It’s not an issue anymore and it’s something I look forward to,” he declares.

“I used to pretend to fall asleep or say I didn’t have a condom.

“Now it’s a fun thing in my life. It’s amazing.”

Luke Warm Sex airs 9pm Wednesday March 16 on ABC.

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