Nine greenlights Celebrity Come Dine with Me

No longer returning to The Hot Plate, Nine announces another foodie show for 2016.


Nine has announced it will screen Celebrity Come Dine with Me, which has previously been a title on Pay TV.

Australian celebrities will compete in as dinner party hosts, each entertaining, cooking and serving the party while their guests snoop around their homes. Each guest scores their fellow participants before becoming dinner party host.

LifeStyle channel has screened both Come Dine With Me, a stripped format that has preceded My Kitchen Rules, and Celebrity Come Dine With Me (pictured).

Nine recently confirmed it was not returning to The Hot Plate following a legal challenge from Seven.

Due to air later in 2016, Celebrity Come Dine With Me is produced by ITV Australia.

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  1. There’s only one thing more boring than having a bunch of D grade “celebrites” coming around to your place for some cheap snarky comments at a dinner party – and that’s a derivative reality tv show about a bunch of D grade celebrities filled with product placement coming around for a dinner party and some edited cheap snarky comments at someone else’s expense……

  2. Because channel 7 and 10 have such a success with cooking shows channel 9 keep hoping for the same success but un fortunately that does not seem to be the case, they have had two cooking shows so far the “bake off” one and the “hot plate one” and have had very little luck with either and I don’t know if this will be any different, just wish they would try and find some other show that might be good instead of another cooking show to help their ratings, think they have run out of original ideas.

    1. On the subject of original content, how about that story “Darren McMullen to host Big Music Quiz for Seven”? They all copy. Let’s accept that and stop trying to flog a dead horse that one channel is really any better than another on the “copying” issue.

  3. Channel 9 is a joke, not an original show of late. It’s either Hot Plate or Hot Date, slim pickings. Cant wait for a real cooking contest in Masterchef. Hanging out for Australian Survivor, think this will be a cracker If Ten get it right.

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