Porridge remake casts its star

UK comedy actor Kevin Bishop is set to star in the BBC remake of Porridge.


UK comedy actor Kevin Bishop is set to star in the one-off BBC remake of Porridge.

Bishop, who has appeared in The Kevin Bishop Show, Star Stories and Super Fun Night, will feature as the grandson of Ronnie Barker’s original character, Norman Stanley Fletcher, who has been jailed for computer hacking.

He leaked the news on social media before deleting it. The BBC has not yet confirmed any casting news.

The new script has been written by Porridge‘s creators Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, and is a one of a number of sitcoms reboots celebrating 60 years of BBC Comedy.

Source: Chortle

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  1. I have my reservations about these revisits; even as one-off specials. Happy to be proven wrong, but I think the casting magic of ‘Are You Being Served’ and ‘Porridge’ will be near impossible to replicate.

  2. It’s a fine line to walk really. The original was fantastic, no doubt there, but bringing the same 1970s humour into a new version of the show in 2016 with a new cast would, in my opinion, fall flat on its face. Those of us that saw the original the first time round and expect a Barker grade delivery will likely be a bit disappointed, and those that are new to it all will likely be uninterested.

  3. I wish them luck, but remakes of brilliant original series are seldom as good.
    Young people, who have no knowledge of the original, may find it acceptable, but we who laughed with ‘Fletch’, ‘Lennie’, ‘Mr. Mackay’ and ‘Mr. Barrowclough’ may find ourselves very disappointed, as we did with “Still Open All Hours”, nowhere near the standard of the original.
    But, I hope I’m wrong because more of the goings on at Slade Prison, if done well, is to be looked forward to. Hiring the original writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais is a good start.

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