Shane Delia joins revamped Postcards


A new-look Postcards team, comprising Shane Crawford, Shane Delia, Lauren Phillips, Scherri-Lee Biggs, Glen Moriarty, Brodie Harper and Warren Tredrea joined Melbourne Channel 9 Managing Director, Ian Paterson (below, centre) for a media launch last night.

The event at Delia’s refurbished Maha Restaurant comes ahead of the show’s primetime launch this Friday night in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth markets.

Having run for 17 seasons as a Victorian-based travel show, Nine is now extending the brand to 2 more states, to air on Friday nights whilst NRL is on air in Sydney and Brisbane.

Warren Tredrea from Nine News Adelaide will file South Australian story while Scherri-Lee Biggs from STW9 presents WA-based stories. Livinia Nixon sent her apologies.


Episodes will also be replayed on 9Life, whilst a Victorian-edition continues on Sundays with a mix of repeat and fresh stories.

Shane Delia, who has previously presented his own Spice Journey series on SBS, joins as a regular member of the team after earlier guest appearances.

Delia will feature in cooking segments with featured chefs. He is looking forward to learning about cuisines other than his own specialty, middle eastern food.

“They do the cooking which is great, because I just get to sit back and have a laugh,” he said.

“Most of the time they cook stuff you can make at home, which is pretty integral.”

His first guest is The Hotplate‘s Scott Pickett.

“Scotty’s a bit of a larrikin, so it’s good he can fall into a PG timeslot. It’s good that we’re not live or he’d be in trouble!”

Postcards begins in primetime at 7:30pm Friday in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I watched Postcards some years ago…I think maybe during the day…..I like it….
    I love anything Shane Delia….he is good viewing for me…always find his work interesting…I watched all of The Spice Journey’s on SBS….he really interacts well with people…
    So….if replayed on 9Life….does that mean I will get to see it in Sydney….

  2. thedirtydigger

    So is Livinia Nixon the host ? That makes three pretty blondes…hopefully the story telling standard will be a bit better than the usual fluff found in those late afternoon slots that these shows inhabit.
    Channel Nine has been away from the Friday night lifestyle campfire for a long time…having ruled the roost with Burke’s Backyard…I’m not sure if this is the ultimate answer , or just a band aid.

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