Streaming tops Pay TV in new users survey


A survey of 2000 subscription TV users has rated Netflix ahead of Foxtel in 3 of 5 categories.

Netflix scored 5 stars in Overall Satisfaction, Value for Money and Ease of Sign Up, while Foxtel scored 5 in Range of Content and New Release Availability.

Stan drew 4 stars in Overall Satisfaction, Value for Money and Ease of Sign Up. Presto could not manage more than 3 stars.

“It seems that everyone has been talking about Netflix over the last 12 months – if you don’t have the service yourself, you probably know someone who does,” head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle told Fairfax.

“There’s definitely a bit of halo effect with Netflix,” she says of the survey results. “I’m a bit surprised it performed so well in terms of value for money but it seems it can’t do anything wrong. Its branding is amazing.”

A Foxtel spokesman says, “In the first half of this financial year, just after the new SVOD services launched, Foxtel grew its customer base by 8.1 per cent compared to the same period in the previous year.”

While those numbers are understood to include Presto, Foxtel’s churn declined from 11.4 per cent to 10.2 per cent.


  1. Presto is a buggy pig. Ratings wise – why cannot there be an independent body that can track the streams of viewers to deliver clear and transparent Rating results?

  2. Did not Foxtel increase its customer base because it acquired Austar .thats not new subscribers its existing pay tv subscribers which Foxtel acquired from Austar .dont you jsut love Foxtel spin machine .and now they have all the EPL fans that will leave Foxtel for Optus coming up in 2017. I have Netflix it’s good it’s cheap it does need more content though.

    • Foxtel acquired Austar about 5 years ago so nothing to do with any of the growth quoted above.

      Foxtel won’t lose that many customers through the loss of the EPL and ecumenically it would seem they will be better off without the EPL rather than paying the price that Optus has. Anyway, A-League is more popular than EPL according to some LOL survey.

    • I get it for free with Foxtel and I still don’t use it. That survey should include HD content and 5.1 audio which is why I hardly use Presto.

    • Agreed. We received a free 6-month subscription to Presto when we bought our latest TV and haven’t used it at all. Presto’s shows are ones we’ve already watched years ago, or ones we’re not interested in wasting our time on.

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