• Most recent Guide info supplied by TEN has 8:30pm. If it was updated to 9pm OzTAM info may correspond. In any case the post indicates it was later than OzTAM preliminary so I am comfy this is correct, adjusted figures will reflect this.

        • And when was it advertised at 9pm?
          The series tag on my fetch box schedued the episode at 8.45pm yesterday morning. So it mustve been a really late change and not good enough.
          Next weeks episode is schedued at 8.30pm but we all know thats going to be a lie.

          • It was a very late change, I pressed the record button towerds the end on IMaCGMOoH, because I was curious to see the outcome of Fitzy and Wippa and it cut out well before the end.

    • Print 8.30pm.
      Before yesterday afternoon advertised on Ten for 8.30pm.
      My EPG said 8.30pm when I checked yesterday morning.
      Yet it starts around 9.15pm.
      Sugar coat it all you like, not good enough.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Good on you William, blindly leaping to Ten’s defence again. The online TV guide I use still has NCIS starting at 8:30. That means it started 45 minutes late in my book.

      • Let me just bang the X-Files drum again. Not a single episode started or finished at the advertised times; and not a single episode started or finished at my EPG times. I managed to capture just one complete episode by setting the recorder for an hour and a half – five minutes early and twenty five minutes later than the advised times.

        • The same thing happened to me, only got one full ep of X Files recorded in full. The first three week early, the last three weeks late. Pull your socks up channel ten.

        • Secret Squïrrel

          That’s why I didn’t watch it on Ten. They’re in the worst position to annoy potential viewers but they do it anyway. They just can’t be trusted.

      • Then how come I saw it advertised for 9pm. It must’ve been a late addition. It was advertised during B&B that it will be shown at 9pm. Ten updated the times for the show just yesterday

        • So 4 hours before something airs is long enough notice to alter the majority of your prime time schedule? And we wonder why Ten are struggling to stay third…..
          For a Network that claims to be viewer friendly to attract a share of the already fragmented market, last night is something they really don’t want to repeat any time in the future.

          • It is actually a lot longer, as it was something like 7 hours notice of change. Whether or not it was changed earlier remains to be seen.

          • B&B 4.30pm. NCIS supposed to start at 8.30pm. That’s 4 hours. Same day 45 minute changes to most of your prime time schedule are ridiculous, all its going to do is alienate what viewers they have left.

  1. Yes , Thanks Channel 10, I have now missed most of NCIS which I had recorded (even allowing for the extra time I always add on)….not impressed!

  2. Cheers for the late change Ten. Any chance of a replay of the NCIS LA that I’ve missed the last 15 minutes on despite having a 30 min hangover on your stuff? Oh, I dislike your Tenplay bit too, Friday night 9.30 will do.

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