Footy Show dips, Gogglebox tops demos.

Ratings: The Checkout and Janet King rise for ABC. Nine wins Thursday.


Last week’s debut by Rebecca Maddern on The Footy Show saw the curiosity drop last night, falling from 582,000 to 427,000 this week. That’s no surprise given the 6 year high it attracted last week.

Nine managed to stay in front on Thursday in a close tussle with Seven.

It was ABC shows that managed modest increases last night, while several commercial shows all took a dip.

The Checkout rose from 653,000 to 686,000 and Janet King lifted from 608,000 to 613,000. While those are hardly big increases, they both managed a rare placing above 7:30, down by 72,000.

Home and Away was up for Seven, but Gogglebox dropped 39,000 for TEN -it still topped all the demos.

Nine won Thursday with 28.9% then Seven 27.1%, TEN 18.7%, ABC 18.4% and SBS 6.9%.

Nine News drew 981,000 / 982,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (748,000), Hot Seat (537,000), NRL Thursday (429,000 in 2 cities), The Footy Show (427,000 in 3 cities) and RBT (387,000 in 3 cities).

Seven News was #1 with 1.04m / 960,000 for Seven then Home and Away (767,000), My France with Manu (663,000), The Chase (561,000 / 350,000) and Australian Swimming Championships (334,000 in 4 cities).

Gogglebox (590,000) led for TEN. The Project was 552,000 / 422,000, Modern Family was 517,000 / 507,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 486,000 and Law and Order: SVU was 391,000.

ABC News (754,000) was best for ABC followed by The Checkout (686,000), Janet King (613,000), 7:30 (590,000), Utopia (313,000) and Antiques Roadshow (286,000).

On SBS it was Inside Heston’s World (233,000), Destination Flavour Scandinavia (174,000), Gourmet Farmer (160,000) and SBS World News (123,000). The Last Panthers dropped to 66,000.

Shaun the Sheep bleat out the competition on multichannels at 241,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 14 April 2016

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  1. David,
    Since Kochie is in the headline picture I thought I’d ask how sunrise has gone with him away, I do find it a tiny bit odd that 7 would fly Mike Amor over 2 or 3 times this year for sunrise when Larry and Andrew are surely available, possibly a test to see how he goes??? Personally I don’t mid him but I like Kochie…

  2. Found Janet King to be a bit of a slow burn this season. Last nights ep has been the best so far.

    I see gogglebox has made some changes with more swearing and sex no doubt based on the new classification changes. I don’t think it needs it. Sometimes just because you can change something doesn’t mean you should.

      1. I’m aware that there has been adult content before but seems like more now. I also think the language from the families is more colourful. That could because there are new families too. I liked both episodes and I will continue watching but I just wanted to make the point that the show doesn’t need it.

  3. Gogglebox was hilarious last night! I don’t think i have ever laughed so much during it. Especially when they reviewed Luke Warm Sex! Was also really touching to see how they reacted to Long Lost Family. I just about teared up watching them tear up. Great show 🙂

  4. Watching a show about people watching TV shows is the biggest hit … what has the world come to? (Yes, I watch it too)… 😉 Such a cheap option to all that expensive, hard to make drama stuff… 🙁

  5. Rebecca Maddern just doesn’t seem to fit that show. I think the viewers overall aren’t liking her as a replacement for Garry Lyon and I think Nine’s experiment may be regretful for them if ratings go down further. I think she was much better off on Sunrise.

      1. Quite right on reaction to change. I didn’t think I’d ever like Sam Mac as the new “Sunrise” weather presenter when he first took over from Edwina Bartholomew, but now I must admit he’s a hoot.
        Incidentally, what has happened to Edwina? Disappeared from :Sunrise”, where she was doing Show Biz, and Nelson Aspen re-appearing.

    1. Rebecca is doing great and a natural fit. There was always going to be a one off spike with such huge publicity. This weeks figures are still higher than the shows normal average.

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