Hypnotist Keith Barry joins US production of You’re Back in the Room


Hypnotist Keith Barry is going to be racking up the frequent flyer points, after joining the US production of You’re Back in the Room.

Barry will appear alongside US host Taye Diggs for eight episodes on FOX. That’s three more than Nine commissioned for Australia. He also features in the original series, now in its second season in the UK.

In an article earlier this week Daryl Somers mentioned that he recommended Barry to US producers when they were considering a US hypnotist.

“The second I saw this show I knew I needed to be a part of it. It’s the most unique blend of comedy and competition I’ve seen in years,” said Diggs. “I’m also quite excited as this is a program I can watch and laugh at with my six-year-old son.”

Over the weekend You’re Back in the Room won the Best Gameshow at the International Format Awards in Cannes. Launching to 1.16m viewers for Nine, it’s off to a solid start in Australia despite polarising comments on social media.

Source: Deadline

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