Returning: Mad Men

Final season finally begins on Free to Air -but wait, there's more....


If you’ve been waiting for the final season of Mad Men to air, there is some good news. Some.

SBS begins the series next Monday night with a double episode at 11pm (kindly set your PVR, people).

Don makes a new friend while Joan meets a client for drinks, meanwhile Peggy hears impressive new work and Roger has a puzzling phone call.

Peggy receives a bouquet of flowers at the office while Pete navigates the politics of new business. Meanwhile, Joan is put in an impossibly awkward situation.

These episodes aired on Pay TV in 2014 as the first of 2×7 episode blocks. The second aired in 2015 when it finally concluded.

What is unclear is whether SBS will be able to segue straight into the second block, meaning it could still be 2016 for that last ever ep.

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  1. Mylene has a point, I don’t recall seeing season 6 on SBS. I assume they don’t have repeat rights so it wouldn’t be part of the OnDemand service, but did it even air in the first place?

  2. Get the DVD while you can for goodness’ sake! The way they string things out is a joke and the joke’s on us. For instance, I’ve never seen the last part of Mad Dogs (the UK original) because the ABC strung it out and lost the rights to Foxtel (afaik). Not only that, you can’t get the last series of Mad Dogs DVDs here in Oz thanks to some warped logic – apparently streaming providers can prevent the sale of the DVD / Bluray version of product they’re offering as long as they like. I know I went a bit off-topic, but at least I had “Mad” in there.

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