Returning: Outback Truckers, Ice Road Truckers


Two factual titles, Outback Truckers and Ice Road Truckers return to 7mate next month.

The Outback Truckers are all revved up for a brand new season! Airing 8.30pm Tuesdays from May 10, catch the big characters on this Aussie-made series as they take on the harshest terrain our country has to offer. Steve Grahame gets a double dose of bad on a brutal lap through the red centre; desert trucker Barnesy heads way off the grid on a desperate rescue mission; and Turbo is back, battling to get his business out of a rut.

Tempers flare as temperatures plunge to minus 55 when Ice Road Truckers returns on Tuesday, May 10 at 9.30pm. Jack almost has a near head-on collision and Hugh gets an earful from an American driver who wants Hugh off the Alaskan roads and back in Canada. Meanwhile, Alex takes a big risk by picking up a hitchhiker, Ray takes on the steep and treacherous Atigun Pass, where he’s already spun out twice this year, and Lisa has her hands full just trying to get back on the road after getting caught at the scales.

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