Untold Australia: Indian Wedding Race

Meet Indian-Australians, Dalvinder and Tarun, both embarking on an adventure to get married before they turn 30.


Tonight SBS debuts the first of three documentaries it showcases under the umbrella,
Untold Australia.

Each goes inside three very different communities which exist within unique pockets of Australia, beginning with Indian Wedding Race.

This three-part commissioned series will premiere with ‘Indian Wedding Race’, a humorous and heartfelt look at the real-life journey of two 29-year-old Indian-Australians, Dalvinder and Tarun, as they each embark on a franticly amusing adventure to find love and get married before they turn 30, while juggling the pressures from their very traditional parents and cultural expectations.

From online dating with their dads to seeking guidance from astrologers, speed dating to matchmakers, and even the notion of a ‘modern’ arranged marriage, Dalvinder and Tarun are willing to try anything on their journey to find true love.

Capturing every step of the way on this emotional rollercoaster, this is a rare and close-up look at the world of Australia’s Indian community as it intimately explores with humour and warmth the pressures that these young people face as they race to make it to the temple on time.

Wednesday, 13 April at 8.30pm on SBS.

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