Update: You’re Back in the Room, Married at First Sight.

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Nine has announced scheduling changes for next week that suggest it is making way for The Voice.

You’re Back in the Room will now air on both Sunday and conclude Monday night (final) at 7:30pm -effectively freeing up Sunday May 1.

Rather than compete with the MKR grand final Married at First Sight will now air with a double episode next week, at 7:30pm on Wednesday. The Big Bang Theory is out and NRL Footy Show is 9:30 (Syd / Bris).

On Tuesday night Nine has a special, the enticingly-titled Cats v Dogs: Which Is Best?

Armed with the latest global scientific research, Chris Packham and Liz Bonnin battle it out to find the definitive answer to the burning question – which are best, cats or dogs?

Reno Rumble airs 8:50pm Monday and the final follows 9pm Tuesday.

Footy Classified airs at the late time of 11pm Monday in relevant cities.

Nine is yet to confirm The Voice for 7pm Sunday May 1st, but it would give them a 30 minute jump on MasterChef.



  1. That The Big Bang Theory out for the second week in a row. Isn’t Nine supposed to be doing “Express From the US” on that show or is that for season 10?

  2. So now that all programming on Nine and Ten revolves around what Seven do with MKR, Seven have the ultimate power – what’s stopping them (apart from possible viewer fatigue) making MKR go even longer and further into May next year, leaving Nine and Ten waiting – there’d be a point where if over a million kept watching MKR each night it airs and Nine & Ten have little in return, that Seven would win the year just on MKR.

  3. littlegezzybear

    Moving the NRL Footy Show back an hour is odd considering the NRL is supposed to be the anchor product for Nine in Sydney and Melbourne.

  4. So, the question is, is everyone finished shuffling their respective schedules or is it still a case of “can’t have our opposition (7/9/10) finding our what we are doing?”
    Guess what guys, you all lose. Constant schedule shuffling just annoys people, doesn’t win them over.

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