You’re Back in the Room helps Nine win Sunday

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It was panned by critics, and (mostly) ripped apart by Twitter but new hypnosis series You’re Back in the Room may just be the answer to Nine’s prayers.

Last night Nine won the night thanks to the 1.16m viewers who couldn’t resist test-driving the new Daryl Somers show. It was beaten only by My Kitchen Rules on 1.23m viewers. YBITR drew its biggest audience in Sydney at 394,000 (where it was the top how of the night) followed by Melbourne’s 330,000. It was also second in the demos. The real test will come next week given there were many on social media who were mocking what they viewed. But it’s a solid start for a network in need of a sugar hit.

Nine’s good fortune came at the expense of TEN which had a night of SBS proportions. It was unable to rise above its simulcast of Family Feud on 439,000 viewers. No way to spin those numbers.

Nine network won wth 32.8% then Seven 30.1%, ABC 17.7%, TEN 12.3% and SBS 7.1%.

Following YBITR Nine drew 1.13m for Nine News then 60 Minutes (927,000) and Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street (314,000).

My Kitchen Rules remained at #1 with 1.23m viewers for Seven followed by Seven News (1.15m) and Sunday Night (711,000). Castle was 349,000.

ABC News (792,000) was best for ABC then Matilda and Me (737,000), Call the Midwife (649,000) and Joanna Lumley’s Trans Siberian Adventure (389,000). Compass was 267,000.

Modern Family was 375,000 / 365,000 then Scorpion (364,000), American Crime Story (339,000), TEN Eyewitness News (330,000) and NCIS: New Orleans (203,000).

On SBS it was The Story of Egypt (283,000), Vietnam: The War That Made Australia (221,000), SBS World News (168,000) and Inside Heston’s World (135,000).

Peppa Pig was best on multichannels at 239,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 3 April 2016


  1. i did as i said i would check it out as ‘car crash tv’ but soon switched off. I believe the people supposedly hypnotized were actually paid actors, it just seemed that their actions weren’t random enough, it seemed very scripted. I’ve seen other hypnotism shows & whilst i was skeptical about them the people did look to be more genuinely under a spell or whatever.
    I agree Daryl is looking good, he has def lost some weight, pretty good for a 64 yr old. From what i saw, he did a good job hosting, its the content that is the problem.

      • Seconded. Thin format, the host has to try and make the show as it goes along. Which is something Daryl did.
        I felt like the contestants were over reacting or even acting. Even when you are hypnotised, its only a strong power if you are insanely suggestable. The contestants last night didn’t seem like they were suggestable at all… Amd pretty sure when you’re hypnotised you don’t develop accents or lisps like the balding guy did.

  2. I enjoyed YBITR. It is absolute rubbish but i still enjoyed it. It was just light hearted nonsense which is OTT sometimes i admit but well worth a shot IMO.

  3. Well I am definitely surprised. Turned over from MKR during the ads and thought the bits I saw were just plain silly. Not sure if I expected people walking around like chooks but I couldn’t tell who was hypnotised and what was with the predictability of everyone saying the act was worth $1000. But that’s the beauty of free will. Like others, I will be surprised if the ratings continue.

  4. Doesn’t surprise me at all. The smarter viewers have left for Netflix or downloads. They’ll come back for sport, news and quality first run Australian content but meanwhile we get content catering for what’s left. The networks are fighting over a shrinking pie instead of trying to make it bigger. Eventually there will be nothing left than cat videos and content with “integrated” branding.

  5. Great ratings for the first ep – think it will drop off somewhat over the next few weeks but appears there is a market for this sort of show after all. Kids will probably love it.
    Not as terrible as I expected but hardly riveting stuff. Became boring pretty quickly.
    Daryl is looking pretty good actually – a lot less pudgy than a while back.
    A relief that the really annoying contestants shown in the endless promos, (ie large, loud, screeching, short haired blonde woman and dopey guy smashing his face into cream pies ), were not on last night.

  6. YBITR was actually enjoyable. I found it more tolerable than a reality show about dating / cooking / renovating… and it was family friendly.

  7. Good numbers for this show, will have to wait and see how it goes over the next few weeks, also if 7flix had have done better last night the ratings would have been neck and neck between 7 and 9.

  8. This site and the media in general is very predictable with their anti-Daryl Somers agenda. They all bagged him out when he fronted Dancing With The Stars and it rated No 1 show for a long period. And with the HHIS reboot in 2010, when you consider it was pulling 800 000 – 900 000 on a Wednesday night up against Masterchef when it was at it absolute peak and the top show in Australia at the time, it was relatively successful. It is very simple, if you keyboard warriors out there don’t like it, don’t watch it. Your toxicity is now tired.

    • People are passionate in their views and whilst I agree anonymity leans towards negativity than positivity it isn’t exclusive to this site (which was not running when DWTS began). There was a lot of love for HHIS reunions, less so for the ongoing series.

      • There’s plenty of appetite on this site for high quality Australian and overseas content. I think most of the commenting was about the show and not Daryl himself. In fact, I think a lot of people were wondering why we couldn’t have another HHIS revival vs. YBITR.

  9. I didn’t watch any live TV last night, surely no one cares any way. But I suspected YBITR would rate well in its first week. If people can watch unbelievable cooking talent shows like MKR, then light relief like Hypnotism is something different. Didn’t interest me, but I am looking forward to David Attenborough next week, different stuff for different tastes.

    • I watched no tv last night either. Sure there’s a few shows that go to the pvr but I wouldn’t say that any of it is must watch television. Last night I was more interested in watching old eps of gilmore girls, watching the beach boys ep full house and other stuff on netflix.

  10. Nostradamus predicted if Daryl Somers had a hit show in the 21st Century Tony Abbott would be Prime Minister again before the July election. The ducks are all lining up

  11. There will always be an audience for people doing stupid things, “Funniest Home Videos” lasted for years. The result of hypnosis was a standing joke on “New Tricks” and was even included in the opening credits. Jerry’s hypnotism trigger was Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street”.

  12. I used to be a big fan of MKR but find myself changing channel because I just can’t stand the bitchiness anymore and the arrogance of the contenstants.

    I really enjoyed YBITR because it was something different and fun. And its nice to see Daryl Somers back on tv-the man hasn’t aged a bit.

    Those who were slagging it off over social media probably don’t have a sense of humor.

  13. bettestreep2008

    Don’t get too excited Nine. I tuned in to YBITR out of curiosity and 5 minutes later switched to watch Modern Family.

    I didn’t watch My Bitchen Rules because I saw that promo of Sophie slagging off a dish about 1000 times during the football on Friday night.

    I don’t expect YBITR to rate as well next Sunday….unless there is a huge ‘controversy’ that ‘all of Australia will be talking about’ re some of the contestants being ‘actors’ or one of the ‘contestants’ griping about how they were duped on one of the rival networks.

    You know this will happen…don’t you?

  14. Wow, can’t believe there are so many silly people out there….bet most of them didn’t last all the way through the show given all the social media, newspaper and radio criticism around today.

    • Really enjoyed YBITR Last night.Normally watch MKR But decided to give it a try.
      MKR Is becoming same as Masterchef.
      Will definitely watch next week.

      • “MKR Is becoming same as Masterchef.”


        I had the displeasure of watching a significant chunk of MKR last night. As far as I can see, the only similarity is that both shows feature Homo sapiens – and I’m not even sure MKR is that species-specific…

  15. I didn’t actually watch YBITR so can’t comment on the content of it, however it doesn’t surprise me that it’s done well. If you think back to 2004, I remember a lot of critics and people being skeptical about Daryl coming back to TV to host a prime time ballroom dancing show. As we know it went on to become one of the biggest TV hits of the decade. Perhaps we just underestimate the need for shows that the whole family can watch and enjoy without having to think too much. In saying all that though, the show sounds bloody awful haha

  16. I’m sure a few people will be eating their words today regarding YBITR.
    We all know the ratings won’t last on the show but I’m sure it scored a lot more than a lot of people were expecting

    • The predictive ability of the “commenters” on this site is truly something to chuckle at. According to them, Channel 10 is spinning out quality hit after quality hit, everyone is up in arms from shows starting 4 minutes late, none of of us are technologically savvy enough to use the EPG, all of us are settling down each night to Fuller House and the most streamed movie in Netflix history – Ridiculous Six (Rotten Tomatoes score precisely 0%), and if 7 and 9 aren’t catering to their specific whims, their programmers should spend time on Nauru. We all know YBITR will drop significantly in coming weeks but the clear majority predicted there is not a market for this kind of (poor quality) show from day 1.

      • I wish I could upvote this! Hahaha

        Completely agree with the exception of your netflix comment- I can’t afford that or foxtel, and I’m sure there are plenty of people here who just watch FTA tv.

      • Actually out of 27 comments on the last article for this show 2 of those said it would do well and 2 said it would be a flop. The other comments, which are of course subjective, were mostly critical based on the content which was shown in the ads with readers essentially saying it was not something that appealed specifically to them. This is fair enough, some people don’t like watching other people do embarrassing things, I can’t even listen to prank calls on the radio because I hate hearing people bring awkward, it makes me squirm.

  17. Next week’s numbers will be the real test for You’re Back in the Room. A lot of people watched that first ep so they could slag it on social media…

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