Airdate: Follow the Money

SBS begins a new Scandi-noir thriller, depicting how corporate greed corrupts humanity.


Next week SBS begins a new Scandi-noir thriller, Follow the Moneydepicting how corporate greed corrupts humanity.

The 10 part series, known in Denmark as Bedrag, features dialogue in Danish, English and Swedish. It premiered in Denmark in January and in the UK in March.

SBS will premiere this with a double episode.

Follow the Money is a Danish crime thriller which journeys into the dark world of economic crime in the banks, on the stock exchange and in the board rooms. This series exposes how greed, ambition and the desire to build a dream life affect the rich, poor, and corrupts humanity as a whole.

Follow the swindlers and speculators, the corporate moguls and criminals as they commit crimes in their hunt for wealth.

Episode One:
Police detective Mads is called out to investigate a body that has washed ashore. At first glance, this looks like an unfortunate accident, but the case implicates the upper ranks of one of Denmark’s most successful energy companies, Energreen. Meanwhile former car thief Nicky is trying his best to stay on the straight and narrow when a new colleague, Bisme, tempts him with a chance to make some quick cash.

9:30pm Thursday May 12 on SBS.

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      1. Yeah, I understand the investment theory but I think that works better with an earlier start. It is cruelled somewhat by the 11:30pm finish on a work/school night. At least it’s not on one of the commercial channels so it won’t actually be finishing close to midnight.

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