Airdate: Kevin from Work


In June FOX8 will screen US sitcom Kevin from Work.

The series from ABC Family stars Noah Reid, Paige Spara, Matt Murray, Jordan Hinson and Punam Patel with guest star Amy Sedaris.

It is written, created and executive-produced by Barbie Adler (How I Met Your Mother). Aaron Kaplan (Chasing Life) and McG (Charlie’s Angels) are Executive Producers.

This premiered in the US in August, but was cancelled in March after 10 episodes.

In this sitcom, Kevin is a young dedicated work man who decides, after accepting a job overseas, that he will announce his love for a co-worked. Moments later, Kevin discovers that this job offer has been rescinded, leaving him to face the awkward situation of begging for his old job back, as well as working alongside the girl he just professed his unrequited love to.

8.00pm Mondays from June 20 on FOX8.


  1. Why the hell would you put a press release out about this – it makes no sense.. it’s not like it is a show on most peoples radar..

  2. This story is the perfect example of why 1) people hate foxtel; and 2) people pirate.

    The series has not only finished in the US, it was also cancelled after one season and foxtel are going to show it to us almost a year later?

    PS – FWIW I’m a foxtel customer and my subscription offers me a lot of value but I dislike it when fox do things like this.

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