New FOX entertainment channels launch

Brian Walsh explains the strategies behind 4 new FOX branded channels launching today.

Prodigal Son

New channels FOX One, FOX Crime, FOX Hits and FOX Funny launch today as Foxtel realigns its Entertainment channels.

FOX One is a first-run drama channel, largely with US network titles. It will operate as a companion to FOX Showcase which remains the first choice for premium HBO and FX cable titles.

FOX Crime, FOX Hits and FOX Funny are library channels with nostalgic brands.

All new channels are available on the Basic package, including for Foxtel Now customers, with TV Hits and Binge channel being removed.

All Rise


FOX One will include Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, All Rise, Prodigal Son, Outlander, Warrior, Mayans M.C, Ballers, Days of Our Lives, Young & Restless in HD.

“FOX One will be a companion channel to FOX Showcase, which continues to be the destination for premium drama -specifically shows from HBO and FX. FOX One will be younger-skewed, and feature more US network first-run series,” said Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh.

“Another factor in our decision is we are now receiving so much content from HBO and FX. They have increased the number of hours they are delivering to us. So we needed another destination.”

Criminal Minds

FOX Crime

FOX Crime will feature procedural dramas such as NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones in HD.

“There’s a real appetite for crime destination that is 24 / 7 with hugely successful global series.

“Some people love to come home, being able to put on a channel and -to use an expression- the ‘name on the tin’ says it all. So with FOX Crime you know you can go there and get NCIS or CSI. It’s a lean-back experience,” Walsh continues.

“But there are others who want to ‘lean-in’ and watch one of the many HBO series On Demand. As always, we are giving our customers the option of doing either.”


FOX Hits and FOX Funny

FOX Hits becomes a comedy channel aimed at older viewers, with retro titles from the 80s / 90s Friends,, Will & Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, Frasier and Malcolm in the Middle in SD.

FOX Funny is aimed younger with sitcoms from the last decade such as The Big Bang Theory, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family in HD.

“A lot of the series that will be featured on some of these channels are ones that have been highly sought after by the Streamers. If you look at what’s been paid for Seinfeld, South Park, The Office,” he continues.

“Some of the evergreen comedies are really forming the backbone of the success of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu in the US. So to have some new channel destinations to showcase some of the greatest television series of all time, is timely.”

Modern Family

Walsh concedes that some titles for FOX One have been delayed in Australia for the channel launch.

“That’s true, but we know with all the pre-emptions in the US we will catch up to day-and-date by the end of January,” he insists.

“All series are screened express on VOD when they screen in an international territory, and the linear play goes as close as possible to US airdate. There might be an odd example where a show is a few weeks behind, but they are rare.”

While the channels also increase advertising revenue they see the subscription provider increase the FOX brand beyond FOX Sports, FOX8, FOX Classics and FOX Showcase.

“All of this is about building the FOX brand. We recognise there will be a lot more competition in the market,” Walsh concludes.

“FOX has remained with the News Corp brand as part of its sale to Disney, so we’re consolidating the brand in Australia, as it is exhibited in the United States.”

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  1. So it seems they were waiting until this new channel release to start the next season of Jeopardy (S35), even though it’s on the same channel it was on before. Ah, Foxtel…

  2. I don’t see Comedy Channel lasting much longer, much of its previous content has moved around to other channels over the years, and more recently overnight. The last show I actively watched on Comedy was season one of Corporate in early 2018. I didn’t bother with season two. I can see its current content shifting to E! (if that channel still exists), and to the new Fox channels.

  3. Fox One &Fox Funny are showing the lock emblem even though I can watch them. Fox One has no new content until 11:30, Shortland Street followed by Days of Our Lives and Young & Restless, repeats until 7:30pm War of the Worlds comes on (looking forward to this one). Was looking forward to the change and all the new content as well as the favorites, now I’m not so sure, hopefully it will improve

      1. Watching WOTW I was rapily losing my will to live so I didn’t make it to the end. But here’s a sample of reviews from Whirlpool:

        There were glimpses of “good” bits in first ep but overall, bleh.
        …suffers from a poor script and average acting, zero drama and zero character empathy
        Well, this was dreadful.
        …second half was completely pointless and boring as bat poop
        …what a pile of crap this is.


        1. It’s likely that the War of the Worlds producers wanted to get the period feel right and the more contemporary film versions seen in recent times have had an influence on viewer expectations, the low military tech of British Victorian times and the ruling class social mores of the late 19th century are not easy to understand for 21st century audiences.
          My disappointment was the variable quality and lack of smooth transition from one story element to another, the adaption really needed a less heavy handed director and more empathy from the main cast, who probably could have been better chosen.

      2. I’ve started watching it and a lot of the reviews I’ve seen are not good, but as you suggest will make up my own mind. I may have to struggle through it in the end if it doesn’t live up to my expectations.

        I am am having a similar struggle with the latest season of The Walking Dead.

  4. A typically smooth rollout: one of our boxes has Man U TV and Liverpool TV (!!) where Fox Crime and Fox Funny should be and is asking for a PIN to watch them, the other box has the ‘new’ channels but has lost all of the terrestrial FTA channels

  5. These seem like positive changes in particular the addition of HD channels however it is disappointing they all aren’t in HD and we still have channels like Comedy and Max that aren’t in HD. It’s almost 2020.

  6. Wow, have a look at the new line up on The Comedy Channel in the EPG – they’ve absolutely gutted it of content. Six, seven, eight episodes in a row of their second and third rung shows. Hopefully they’re just still negotiating for some new content there.

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