Update: The Young and the Restless exit on Foxtel

US soap exits subscription platform at the end of the month.

The Young and the Restless will be discontinued on FOX One from June 30.

This follows the loss of Days of Our Lives to 10Play.

From Monday, July 1 The Young and the Restless is fast-tracked from the U.S. on 10Play.

Both soaps are also “coming soon” to 10 but no dates are yet confirmed.

Meanwhile 9GEM will continue with older episodes of both soaps until such contracts expire (late 2024 Y&R, late 2025 for DOOL).

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  1. I think the contract was given to network 10, is that CBS and 10 are owned by Paramount, and the UK and Australia corporate in London, may have decided to merge both B&B and Y&R franchises to one network. At the moment it might be on 10 play.

    Of course Sony does have a say as well…. So the 9 contract may need to run out before it goes to the main 10 channel, or peach.

  2. It’s so frustrating not knowing when the two soaps will arrive on actual channel 10. We also don’t know at what point in the story will they pick up from? Will it be from where foxtel left off? Days has had some climactic episodes this month, too important to be skipped. Y&R is in a better state for changeover having aired climactic episodes in the past couple of weeks.

    1. I suspect it will be from the latest episode when it begins on broadcast. So I would be watching on 10Play for the interim period. There’s no guarantees it will be this year, all of this is contractual.

  3. Given how barren Ten’s daytime schedule is (mostly repeats of last night’s primetime offerings and axed US daytime shows), one would think that they would want to fill their schedule with these shows ASAP.

  4. It is beyond frustrating that Foxtel don’t have these shows anymore. Watching on 10 Play is not a great experience, you can no longer skip through the storylines you dont want. Ive stopped watching and I know others that have too.
    I guess by the time it airs on 10 it will no longer be fast tracked.

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