1. Hi David,
    what was Perths share in figures for Kiss Bang love ?
    The West seem to inflate all of sevens content (they cant all be that simple going on TV audience per population)
    I only take note of East Coast Figures, they tend to be more realistic with public opinion.

  2. Really enjoying Britain’s Got Talent. This show is everything that the Aussie version was not. It has a great host and a very likable judging team, the talent is superb and production is first class.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Catalyst wasn’t even Catalyst last night. Just some semi-advertorial for Jordan Nguyen and his smart wheelchair, produced by someone else but broadcast with Catalyst titles. A bit disingenuous.

    • I think the ABC should scrap Catalyst and replace it with a completely new weekly science show produced by a new team. Despite the fact that scientific knowledge and technology are developing at an exponential rate Catalyst is really boring. Too many of the episodes cover a single topic and have 5 minutes of science content and 20 minutes back story fill to pad out the remaining time (and sometimes Catalyst doesn’t even adhere to scientific principles and norms – eg statins, wi-fi).

  4. “Somewhat surprising results today indicate that not all the audience for Seven Year Switch has segued into Kiss Bang Love.”
    I enjoyed Seven Year Switch – of course taken with a grain of salt but strangely addictive.
    But have no interest whatsoever in watching Kiss Bang Love – really scraping the bottom of the barrel this time around…

  5. Love today’s News papers – James Weir calling it “Kiss Bang Coldsore”, giving it the panning it deserves. “Ryan’s biggest revelation comes when he finds out they’re being sent to Noosa. “I don’t know where that is, no,” he confesses. He laughs, but I’m absolutely sure he’s not joking”.

  6. Mimsy Itonia

    513, 000 is about 500, 000 more than it deserves. I honestly can’t believe people will watch stuff like this. I didn’t watch it – never will – but it makes You’re Back In The Room seem like Shakespeare in comparison.

  7. chivasssimo

    RE: Kiss Bang Love – Hopefully a) Seven have stretched the friendship with dating shows and now viewers don’t want to commit to another one
    b) It is not a sign of wider dating show fatigue – and Bachelor/ette will still do good business for TEN later in the year

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