Bumped: Soundbreaking

A change for those watching US music doco, with start times varying due to Footy Classified.


US music doco Soundbreaking is getting an adjusted time next Monday on Nine, although it impacts more depending on where you live.

Nine repeats a P!nk Live in Australia concert at 9pm which sees Soundbreaking begin at 10:20pm in Sydney and Brisbane. The episode is “Going Electric.”

With Footy Classified playing at 10:20pm in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, Soundbreaking moves to a 11:20pm start in those cities.

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners is out… if anybody cares, my bathroom needs doing.

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  1. Tried the show, lasted 15 minutes – just jumped around too much – one minute they’re talking about one group/artist, then to another, than another, then back again… not surprised it didn’t do well.

    As for these Obsessive Compulsive shows – who even watches them!?

    1. >> not surprised it didn’t do well.

      It’s too smart for Nine’s usual viewers; it would have been at home on ABC or SBS. I understand PBS are screening it in the US in November.

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