“Classic feel” for 58th Logie Awards


EXCLUSIVE: What can we expect from Sunday’s Logie Awards?

According to Executive Producer Brent Williams, there will be a “classic feel” to the staging and presentation and a nod to iconic moments across 60 years of television.

One more music act is yet to be revealed, joining Delta Goodrem, Jimmy Barnes and Conrad Sewell.

In a Q&A for TV Tonight, here’s what else he revealed:

What can we look forward to this year that will differ from previous years?
BW: I think we have our strongest line up of presenters for a number of years. We’ve had great support from all the networks which is crucial to making the best Logies production we can. There will be some differences in the treatment of certain awards, while the staging and presentation will be more of a classic feel. There are 25 Logies to be presented and the objective is to make every one of those presentations as unique and entertaining as possible. Of course we are also Live without a host, so there is every chance that what is planned will be completely different to what actually happens on the night – and yes, I’m talking about you Julia Morris.

What have been some of your fave Logie moments?
BW: There are the classic Logies moments of course, most of them involving the great Bert Newton. However, I have some personal moments from the shows I’ve been involved in that I look back on fondly for a number of reasons. Working with Hamish & Andy on their presentations over the years has been such great fun. Tina Arena performing the In Memoriam segment was a show stopper. Molly walking onto the Logies stage the year after his accident was such an emotional moment. In 2013, Deborah Mailman accepting her Outstanding Actress award with Bonita Mabo by her side was unforgettable. Dave Hughes could not have been any better to open the show last year and Carrie’s Gold speech was just brilliant.

Any plans to feature Gogglebox. TV does TV?
BW: I heard they are planning to watch the show so it will be interesting to get their thoughts on the production. The show is nominated for Best Factual Program so you never know what might happen.

What are the big surprises you like to keep under wraps? Gold presenter, Hall of Fame?
BW: The Gold and the Hall of Fame are the two obvious ones. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep the HOF a secret because so much work goes into preparing the segment and making it the special tribute that it should be. I think it would be a real shame to the viewers and to the people involved if it was to be revealed before the night. We always try to create a few “moments” and keep a few surprises up our sleeve. This is a little more achievable now that we are live-to-air and there is less chance of things leaking out from the room before it actually goes to air.

Does Hall of Fame have a gender imbalance?
BW: Personally, I think it does. In saying that, every single person who is in the Hall of Fame has made an incredibly valuable contribution to our industry over a long period of time and they are all extremely worthy of their place. There is only one inductee per year which is what makes it so prestigious. Over the coming years, hopefully many of the legendary women who have been so influential in our industry will take their rightful place among this elite group.

60 Years of TV this year. Will there be a special tribute?
BW: Not a tribute as such but there will certainly be a subtle nod to some of the iconic moments and images over the last 60 years.

Logies works best with some spontaneity. How closely do you oversee presenter material? Do they stick to the script?
BW: There are a hell of a lot of logistics that we need to be mindful of when putting the show together but I’m all for live and spontaneous. Some of the greatest Logies moments have been totally unplanned. Look at Julia Morris last year – how great was she? While we make suggestions to presenters and work in conjunction with them regarding their material, we also back in them in when it comes to knowing what they can deliver and what works best for them. I work on the theory that there is a whole host of really talented people on the Logies stage and to a large degree we need to let them do their thing.

58th TV Week Logie Awards airs Live 7pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. David this year at the Logies I really hope they show every award get awarded on the night and not have someone coming out and say here are some awards we awarded earlier in the night, that’s what they did last year because I wanted to see TheLivingRoom walk up the stage and collect their logie and heat their speech.

      • Yes I also was hoping Denise…. Should be an exciting night, as long as it doesnt drag on as seen in recent years….my opinion is cut down on the awkward, cheesy and uncomfortable Red Carpet interviews and just get on with it. Actually no i’m sorry i almost forgot this year the Logies are suppodsely”Dangerous”

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