The Voice takes first night in new Reality battle

Ratings: 1.4m for The Voice tops 1.01m for MasterChef as Nine wins Sunday.


The TV ratings war heated up last night as Nine and TEN unleashed their big guns.

The Voice won round #1 with 1.4m viewers as the top show for the night.

MasterChef launched with a buoyant 1.01m viewers.

Seven’s House Rules drew 628,000 in preliminary figures but due to a coding error will be adjusted to 830,000.

Both The Voice and Masterchef were down on 2015 launches (The Voice 1.55m / Masterchef  1.23m) but both led the demos, jostling for first and second places. Tonight results may be tighter with all three going head to head.

ABC appeared to weather the competition quite well, while SBS 2 A League grand final topped the multichannels.

Nine network won with 28.8 then Seven 26.7%, TEN 18.5%, ABC 17.8% and SBS 8.2%.

Following The Voice for Nine were Nine News (1.28m), 60 Minutes (722,000), Prince: The Mystery, The Legend (401,000).

Seven News was best for Seven with 1.17m then Sunday Night (791,000) and House Rules (628,000* in preliminary figures). The Blacklist was 374,000.

In addition to Masterchef, Bondi Rescue drew 455,000 for TEN, Modern Family was 443,000 / 293,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 280,000 and Formula One was 218,000 in 3 cities.

ABC News (852,000) was best for ABC followed by Grand Designs (799,000) and Midsomer Murders (795,000). Compass was 304,000.

On SBS it was Petra: The Lost City of Stone (272,000), Mankind from Space (203,000), SBS World News (183,000) and Donald Trump: The Apprentice President (138,000).

SBS 2’s A-League Grand Final topped multichannels with 269,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 1 May 2016
* preliminary

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  1. The Voice is yet to produce a viable artist, despite the fact that all the contestants are pre-screened and performers. Despite being mentored by will.i.am, Anja Nissen only ever released two singles and then disappeared. Couldn’t even tell you who won last year.

  2. So over the voice same old same old boring format now and seeing Ronan Keating on their also put me off never liked him on the X Factor switched over to master chef instead .really enjoyed it .

  3. I watched F1….Sochi I like…open…well laid out for TV viewing……and the drones were better controlled….smoother….not darting around so much…which I find annoying.

  4. Was really disappointed that the A-League GF was shunted to SBS2 – didn’t mind it was on delay but after watching the World Cup qualifiers in HD, you can’t go back!

  5. I have to Say, although we have all got ‘Renovation Fatigue’, House Rules is the best of the lot.
    Last night i found myself flicking through MC and Sunday Night when it started around 8.40. I too think that after the honeymoon period of the Blinds, The Voice will dip.

  6. I will also watch masterchef live & record the voice- then I can FF though the Sonja back stage chat, back story & comments if chair hasn’t turned around.

    Had tears during MC 4 times last night- bring on the comp proper.

  7. The Voice Blind auditions is where their audience is. Once these are over the figures seem to drop away. MC is so much a better finished product than MKR. The cooking is amazing to watch.

  8. Last year I watched The Voice on Catchup. This year it’s easier to join the Israeli army than to stream on Nine. Obviously the merchant bankers and hedge fund managers are still pulling the strings.

    1. I do not know why anyone would bother signing their life away …just to watch catchup…
      Too much like hard work…I want instant gratification….or I go elsewhere.

  9. Masterchef was great last night, so much more positive than mkr…and the food looked awesome. I predict when the blind auditions finish on the voice mc will rule the ratings!

  10. I really don’t get why the voice is at all popular, it’s train wreck tv as far as I’m concerned. The judges are far too generous with their compliments of the singers and sorry but they are just singers and not “artists” as the judges keep calling. The term artist should only belong to such acts as prince, Madonna, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson! I think it’s insulting to the real artists of the world. I don’t mind singers getting support but it’s just way too over the top.

      1. I get what they are trying to do and that was to make them sound like stand out talent that doesn’t exist on the other talent shows but really who are they kidding. This show hasn’t created a local chart topper let alone an international superstar, as they are continually told that they are. I also wonder how many of the acts concerts the judges have attended since the beginning of the show. I guess the other flaw of the show is that they fight so hard over the acts to be on their team, saying what they could do for them, only to discard them in the next round. It’s like sorry I did tell you that you were going to be a superstar but I’ve changed my mind “see you at your concert, not!”

    1. I agree Dan! It’s basically 1 1/2 Hours of Ego & Personality Clashes, and needs to focus more on the Raw Talent of those involved. I can understand why The Blinds is pulling in the numbers but after that it all gets a bit too Bright & Overrated for my Liking. I Think i will stick to MC, or explore shows on the ABC such as The Weekly

  11. Watched The Voice and was a little disappointed. Joel Madden was much better by himself. Ronan is ok but we are so familiar with him due to xfactor and Delta is Delta. Love Jessie J though. It should do ok figures, probably stay just over 1 million.

    1. Agree, I really like the chair turn bit but the back stories and fighting for which team they pick is just annoying. Can watch a 60mins show in 15mins so I record and watch after Masterchef too. Tried to watch House Rules last week but the exadurated drama just gets in the way of planning, designing and building so I won’t be occasionally watching this year.

  12. A bit disappointed with the 60 minutes interview with Trey & Matt, I assume there would be something on the Melbourne production of The Book of Mormom, but there wasn’t.

  13. It was always a tall order to expect MC to beat The Voice. But I’m glad MC beat House Rules. House Rules was even threatened by Grand Designs. MC probably impacted by starting at 7.30 not 7.

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