Airdate: New Blood

This fast-paced UK police drama is coming to Thursdays on ABC.


Rake will wrap in two weeks time with 2016 UK drama New Blood to move into the coveted Thursday drama slot (while Barracuda wins the Sunday slot).

Created by Anthony Horowitz (Foyle’s War), the series stars Mark Strepan and Ben Tavassol as junior investigators working two different angles of the same case against a pharmaceutical company.

Having just premiered in the UK this month, the 7 part series also stars Mark Addy and Anna Chancellor.

Two young investigators take on the establishment in this fast-paced drama from multi award-winning author and screenwriter, Anthony Horowitz (Foyle’s War). Brimming with action, intrigue and wit, with seven episodes, New Blood is a completely fresh take on contemporary crime.

Rash (Ben Tavassoli) and Stefan (Mark Strepan) are two guys in their mid-twenties, stuck at the bottom of the career ladder. One is a trainee police detective, the other a very junior investigator at the Serious Fraud Office. They’re both short of cash, struggling with the high cost of London living. Rash’s parents were born in Iran, Stefan’s in Poland. They’re first generation British – but still outsiders.

They’ve never met. But when they’re brought together by two apparently unrelated cases, they find themselves involved in a worldwide conspiracy. There are bombs, car chases and machine-gun-wielding assassins hot on their heels. They soon realise that together is the only way to survive.

In 21st Century London, a new breed of criminal hides behind legitimate facades of business and government. Rash and Stefan must combine their skills to bring them down. They are opposites in almost every way, but as their friendship develops they realise they can take on the rich and powerful. Just as long as they don’t get themselves fired first.

In the first episode, six years have passed since a sinister drugs trial in India took place and
one of the participants is found dead. Eager young PC Rash Sayyad is sure it’s murder and not suicide as initially ruled. An impressed DS Sands (Mark Addy) offers him a trainee detective position, but as they begin to work on the case, Senior Fraud Office investigator Stefan Kowolski is gathering intelligence on a hospital pharmacist – eventually drawing him into the same case.

8:30pm Thursday July 14 on ABC.

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