Bumped: The Briefcase, 20 to ONE, Britain’s Got Talent.

20 to ONE moves to Mondays as The Briefcase gets a later start, which also impacts Tuesday line-up.


Nine is moving The Briefcase to a 9:40pm start on Monday following disappointing ratings.

In its place will be 20 to ONE, which moves from Tuesday to Monday next week.

The show has attracted volatile reviews and polarised audiences, both of which would surely be expected of its controversial format.

7:30pm 20 to ONE
8:40pm Love Child
9:40pm The Briefcase

Amazing Medical Stories is now out.

Moving 20 to ONE also sees a change for Britain’s Got Talent, now brought forward to an earlier start on Tuesdays.

Tuesday (updated)
7:30pm Britain’s Got Talent
9:30pm Arnie’s Greatest Ever Stunts
11:15pm 2 Broke Girls
11:45pm A to Z

The change after two Briefcase episodes follows Nine having to bump Reno Rumble to a later slot, earlier this year.

This week Nine CEO Hugh Marks said, “TV is our biggest front of house (product), and coming into the second half of this year and next year, we are very committed to launching a very effective programming schedule that competes better at the top of the year with My Kitchen Rules than we did this year.”

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  1. Oh come on. Just give us the block. It’s what nine needs as it rates well. When will it come back? After the olympics when X factor is on probably.
    Also why take out two broke girls for some Arnie thing that is probably years old and no one cares about?

  2. They’re lucky anyone is watching with that line-up. I enjoy 2 Broke Girls, but I wait for the DVD releases now because you can never tell when Nine will air episodes.

  3. Can’t say l am surprised they bumped it. Might have to bring back Hot Plate LOL. Then there is always Big Brother. There is old faithful The Block. Have they got much in the pipeline??

      1. Unreal Estate, a clone of Extreme Homes, with the name pinched from Seven’s The Morning Show segments. So original. So Nine. House of Bond is being promoted as a miniseries, and as a telemovie by NBN, so seems only two or so eps.

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