Have You Been Paying Attention? up, Briefcase down on Monday

Ratings: Nine's new reality show sinks as Seven takes Monday night.


Curiosity factor now over, The Briefcase did it tough in its second outing, dropping from 733,000 last week to just 491,000 last night -fourth in its slot.

The show is now officially hurting Love Child which also slipped from 839,000 to 698,000. Nine News and A Current Affair were leading for the network until its new reality show kicked in.

MasterChef won its slot while Have You Been Paying Attention? drew its best ever crowd for TEN. Both shows topped the demos while the network tied in primary channel share with Nine.

House Rules was close behind for Seven in its penultimate episode, while Wimbledon proved to be a strategic play with a good crowd from 9:15 onwards.

ABC had a good night but notably Four Corners was down with its election spotlight.

Seven network won Monday with 28.3% then Nine 23.9%, TEN 22.1%, ABC 20.5% and SBS 5.2%.

Seven News was best for Seven on 1.15m / 1.06m then House Rules (1.05m), Home and Away (832,000), The Chase (725,000 / 458,000) and Wimbledon (430,000).

Nine News was #1 with 1.16m / 1.1m for Nine followed by A Current Affair (893,000), Love Child (698,000), Hot Seat (610,000), The Briefcase (491,000) and Amazing Medical Stories (424,000). Footy Classified was 144,000 in 3 cities.

MasterChef Australia was 1.1m for TEN. Have You Been Paying Attention? drew 830,000, The Project was 730,000 / 496,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 581,000 and NCIS: New Orleans was 267,000.

ABC News (846,000), Australian Story (787,000), 7:30 (746,000), Media Watch (636,000), Q&A (610,000) and Four Corners (577,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (256,000), SBS World News (161,000), The Island with Bear Grylls (157,000) and Cyberwar Threat (88,000).

Shaun the Sheep sure was best on multichannels at 288,000.

Sunrise: 316,000
Today: 284,000
ABC News Breakfast: 99,000 / 40,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 27 June 2016

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  1. I apologise for using another show’s catchphrase but the dramatic fall in viewers for “The Briefcase” suggest that viewers are saying “No Deal” to the show.

  2. I wasn’t overly gripped by the first episode of Love Child and I am yet to watch this week’s and perhaps other viewers felt the same, so even though The Briefcase tanked, Love Child did not start strong and I found some storylines unrealistic whilst others were brushed over quickly. The end of season two was strong and was disappointed with the start of season 3.

  3. How many shows has nine had this year that have bombed in the ratings more than any other network . Bruce Gordon and win television will be very happy they didn’t renew their braodcasting agreement with nine.southern cross will be spewing .

  4. Nine cannot take a trick this year with reality outings apart from the Voice. Reno Rumble tanked whilst House Rules soared – that must hurt the powers-that-be at Nine, that they got it so wrong. Now the ill-conceived The Briefcase has tanked with Reno Rumble like numbers. Relegation to Gem on the cards?

  5. Hi David,
    Any idea what has happened to Soundbreaking on Channel 9 which was has been screened up until now, around 10ish on Monday nights?
    Seems to have gone without a trace -pretty sure there were still more eps to go…

    1. Well, I’m not David but Soundbreaking has moved down the timeslot – depending on where you live. In Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth it screens after Footy Classified – so around 11:45pm. Presumably an hour earlier in Brisbane / Sydney.

      Soundbreaking has been great – a shame Nine had it. Very rarely do I consider a DVD of something screened on television – this is definitely an exception.

      Eight episodes – Nine of course has shown them out of order ….

      1. Thanks guys.
        Was apparently on late last night here on the NSW mid north coast, but not according to the TV Guide I looked at beforehand.
        No sign of it next week on the Freeview TV Guide though.
        Yes, has been really interesting , despite Nine playing it out of sequence and not sticking to a regular time.

  6. When Have You BPA started, we gave it a go but wasn’t impressed with the poorly executed innuendo and smut from some of the ‘comedians’. Gave it another go towards the end of last year and both enjoyed the talent and banter.

    It’s become a firm favourite so thanks TEN for sticking with it.

    1. Gave HYBPA a go last year and so glad I did. Absolutely brilliant.
      Great to see Ten is sticking with it despite it not rating well originally. 800,000 viewers… You never know it might crack the magic million soon.

  7. I had the tennis on a split screen with other windows open on the net last night. I tried to access the tennis firstly using plus 7 since I had the window open cause I usually watch the first segment of talking footy when scoop maclure is on. The tennis did not work at all through plus7. Then I went over to 7tennis and picked up the stream. I lost the stream once during the match for no good reason and I did not like how they did the handover from 7two to 7 during a point. It was an important game when the swap over was happening so I didn’t want to leave the footage cause when you swap channels you have to sit through a 30 second online ad and that’s a long time as 7 happened to cut it off at a crucial part. When 7 wants to run a reality show overtime they have no issues making viewers wait for the next show so why can’t they cut footage during a swap over once a game has completed?

  8. Goodbye The Briefcase on those numbers. I think Love Child still did well considering such a poor lead in. Ten has persevered with HYBPA for last couple of years with dire numbers but is reaping the rewards now with the strong Masterchef lead in. They would have beaten Nine Network except for two things – NCIS NO not strong enough at 9.30 and only two multi channels not three.

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