Offspring return heralds joy for TEN viewers

Ratings: MasterChef & Offspring were a winning double for TEN, scoring their second night of primary channel wins this week.

Offspring-Season 6-Episode1-3

TEN’s buoyant week continued last night with its winning double of Masterchef and Offspring – both topping the demos and leading to another win in primary channel shares.

MasterChef pipped its season high on Tuesday with another on Wednesday at 1.2m viewers. The much awaited return of Offspring did not disappoint, with an impressive 959,000 viewers -its best season launch since 2010. On social media the show attracted plenty of raptures from joyous fans.

Elsewhere Mad as Hell was well in front of its Chaser successor which is dimming each week, save for dips related to State of Origin nights.

Bolstered by multichannels, Seven and Nine tied on 26.1% followed by TEN 23.9%, ABC 17.5% and SBS 6.5%.

Seven News drew 1.03m / 1.05m for Seven followed by Home and Away (776,000), The Chase (679,000 / 473,000), Criminal Minds (551,000 / 378,0000), Highway Patrol (533,000 in 4 cities) and Border Security: International (400,000 in 3 cities).

Nine News (1.02m / 1.01m) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (868,000), David Attenborough’s The Hunt (645,000), Hot Seat (585,000) and The Footy Show (494,000).

MasterChef Australia was #1 with 1.2m for TEN. Offspring also won its slot with 959,000. The Project drew 651,000 / 485,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 588,000. A Madam Secretary repeat was 255,000.

ABC News (773,000), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (681,000), ABC News (661,000), The Chaser’s Election Desk (579,000), Kitchen Cabinet (563,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (386,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was 24 Hours in Emergency (248,000), Dan Snow’s History of Railways (231,000), SBS World News (178,000) and Bosch (150,000).

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom ruled over the multichannels with 273,000.

Today: 301,000
Sunrise: 299,000
ABC News Breakfast: 99,000 /42,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 29 June 2016

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  1. Great night for Ten but putting Madam secretary on after was a stupid decision. Ten’s problem is they repeat their shows too much between seasons so they aren’t giving the audience a chance to crave it’s return. Above comment about news is a good idea not for 9.30 but it’s return to 10.30 simply because there is nothing else worth watching at that time and as we all know new news is coming out every min

  2. I’m really, really surprised that TEN are playing Madam Secretary in repeats! It doesn’t even rate well when the episodes are first run either!

    TEN are nuts for not taking advantage of Offspring’s lead-in to air some fresh (ideally Australian) content. And correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Neighbours and Offspring the only local dramas that TEN have screened this year? Has the local drama point system been abandoned or what?

    1. I noted the backlog of local drama in an article about 2 weeks ago. At least we’ve had Love Child and Offspring join since then. Local drama points requires a minimum per year, with some flexibility over a three year period. TEN also has Brock and Wrong Girl coming this year.

    2. Seems networks, especially Nine, wait until Nov-Dec then bombard us with “Australian”-made-in-NZ junk to make up points, thanks to some bizarre deal allowing NZ programs to be classified as “Australian”, even though some need closed captioning on to understand the dialogue.

  3. The first episode of offspring reminded me of the season 7 of gilmore girls. I still liked the show but behind the scenes changes meant that it was different. Having watched the final episode earlier that evening as a refresher the differences in the writing were quite obvious. In saying that I still enjoyed the episode and there was enough in it to continue. The most glaring omission for me was where was NIna’s biological father. Considering he had become a major part of here life in the final season to have no mention of him seemed quite strange. Why was he not at the funeral? Did his wife’s pregnancy work out. Does Nina have another half brother/sister? Just seemed strange no word on it besides Nina mentioning a few times that Darcy wasn’t her biological father.

    1. I saw it online and OMG, as a loyal US edition fan (and occasional watcher of other editions) I am excited as ever for this. I the costrasting values in which the players will play dhould lead to a good season.

  4. As an advertiser, on Prime, WIN and SCA in Wollongong I don’t really care who wins overall. I’m just keen to see who watched what on the channels I advertise on – the “primary” channels (assuming of course that the regional viewing is close to the cap. cities). Great to see Channel 10, now WIN, over the top. Congratulations TEN, a very well done. Hope your stars enjoyed their party at WIN HQ yesterday and last night. What’s this talk about WIN having to reduce their ad. rates? Why?

  5. 8.30 Offspring 960k
    9.30 Madamn Secretary 255k

    You can’t tell me a primetime flagship edition of “Ten Eyewittness News” at 9.30 would not rate a lot higher than US dramas at 9.30

    Move them to One and Eleven and spread the cost of running a national news service with 5 newsrooms across Australia across two hours of News output at least. Right now the cost of running the Ten News division with staff around the clock in the tens of millions a year is wasted on producing one hour od news that airs outside of primetime.

          1. But the costs to fund 52 new weeks of drama would be in the range of $30-45 million

            52 weeks of news could be added at only an incremental cost the the current news budget

          2. Earlier this year I suggested to Beverley McGarvey she hire Roy & HG for a 10:30 news, much in the style of Graham Kennedy or Clive Robertson. Strikes me as a cheap way to have a loyal late night crowd. I’d still rather we have Entertainment at 9:30.

      1. Gave up on the Chaser. The added people add absolutely nothing. It’s too distracting to watch with all the cutting around to different people, most of whom are completely interchangeable in the content they are delivering.

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