Primary channels tie, multichannels give Seven the win.

Ratings: East Coast storms ensure News bulletins draw big numbers on Sunday.


With East Coast storms News drew big crowds on Sunday.

Nationally both Nine and Seven bulletins averaged 1.42m viewers, with audiences going where they had lead-ins from Sport. Nine News in Sydney following NRL had 528,000 viewers but 373,000 on Seven. In Melbourne Seven News following AFL fared better with 438,000 -although it was pipped by Nine’s  455,000. Nine’s numbers were their highest bulletin all year.

In the reality contest The Voice (1.3m) was just ahead of House Rules (1.21m) and MasterChef (919,000.

In primary channels Nine and Seven tied, but multichannels again saw Seven clinch a network win, including an improved share by 7flix on 3.2%.

Seven network won with a 32.0% share then Nine 29.7%, TEN 16.6%, ABC 15.3% and SBS 6.3%.

Seven News drew 1.42m for Seven then House Rules (1.21m) and Sunday Night (632,000). Bones was 349,000.

Nine News also scored 1.42m for Nine followed by The Voice (1.3m) and 60 Minutes (716,000). Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons plummeted to just 295,000.

MasterChef Australia was best for TEN on 919,000. But all other shows rated under 500,000 with TEN Eyewitness News at 480,000, and Modern Family at 429,000 / 338,000. The movie Noah was replaced with a Muhammed Ali special. TEN advises this will be adjusted to 432,000.

ABC News (772,000), Grand Designs (732,000) and Midsomer Murders (675,000) made up much of ABC’s night. Compass was 275,000 and a Mad as Hell repeat was 220,000.

The final DNA Nation led for SBS on 294,000. Treasures Decoded was 234,000, SBS World News was 218,000 and Uranium: Twisting the Dragon’s Mind averaged 208,000.

Shaun the Sheep ruled multichannels with 237,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 5 June 2016

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    1. They need to go back in time when Ten had their prime shows starting at 7pm. They got the jump on other channels. Their lead-in shows are not strong enough to hold audiences.

  1. Bit of an anti climax for those who read the Yahoo7 website post declaring that Rob and Rose were the pair who got eliminated on House Rules. People were posting the news on the House Rules Facebook page. It was taken down pretty quickly but darn it, I wish I didn’t know.

  2. There could not have been a better night in Eastern States to show Noah and what does Channel 10 do? Pull it to show a clip show of 45 year old Parkie interviews with Muhammad Ali. Nothing against an Ali special but the reasoning behind pulling Noah is hard to fathom. If there was ever better synergy between a Movie and weekend weather events I can’t recall it.
    Was Channel 10 thinking it was in bad taste to show it ? It’s not like there was a terrorist attack so they pulled a movie about a terrorist attack …really they have no clue and are a danger to themselves and shareholders with silly decisions like this one.

    1. NSW SES chose Friday to publish a a tsunami map of the east coast. Within an hour of posting its maps, the responses on Facebook suggested that some members of the public had heard the weather forecasts for continuing heavy rain, seen the maps, and assumed a tsunami was on its way. One woman asked the SES if there was a reason it was posting the map “with a storm coming”. Another person asked why it has posted the maps “right now when we are expecting a big rain event here in the next few days. I feel a little worried,” wrote a woman called Narelle Lackenby. Another woman, Carli Drewe, asked if rain caused tsunamis.
      Yes, can imagine “Noah” being confused with live news coverage. TEN was just considering its poor switchboard operators. If TEN pulled it because of the weather – that’s absurdity in the extreme.

  3. Some of the Sunshine Coast was without Free-to-Air TV reception and/or power for most of the night so viewing figures will be lower than normal for this area. No doubt other areas along the east coast of Australia would have had similar problems.

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