Returning: Suits


All you Suits fans out there, here’s some good news with Season 6 due in mid-July.

The series will screen express from the US on the Universal channel, same day as the US.

The massive season 6 premiere sees the return of the hit series starring Gabriel Macht as one of Manhattan’s top corporate lawyers who sets out to recruit a new hotshot associate but winds up hiring the only guy that impresses him–a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout (Patrick J. Adams). The Season 5 finale ended with multiple shockers! With Mike being a martyr and checking himself into Prison, leaving behind Rachel and the rest of Pearson Specter Litt in the midst of a complete disaster. Will Mike’s analytical skills and wit help him survive behind bars? Will the team band together or be torn apart?

8.30pm Thursday, July 14 on Universal.


  1. I doubt you would see it on Seven/7Flix in the near future , Seven must have dropped the rights around season 4 and Universal Channel picked them up, at least they are now express, and i loved the recent Suits marathon that was over the long weekend! Also hanging out for Devious Maids!

    • Yeah I was hoping that Suits would work like Grimm and Bates Motel, get a Pay TV airing first and then come to Seven, however alas it doesn’t seem that way given it hasn’t happened with Season 5 yet.

  2. Good news for Suits fans, but Universal channel has not fasttracked Devious Maids for the first time. Quite disapointing, I hope they haven’t given up the rights to it.

      • I wouldn’t recommend the fetch tv entertainment pack. Only have it because its part of a package at no additional cost but the minute they become an additional cost they will be gone. Hardly watch them and inconvenient to use.

        • As a Foxtel customer I’ve always looked at the Fetch lineup thinking that there’s a hell of a lot of value there for $15 a month. Depends on what you’re into I guess.

          • Not great if you like US drama. If your into British drama its good with the bbc channels. Its not just from a content perspective its also the convenience. Being restricted to one device on one shared tv with no catch up service and no way of watching anything on a pc makes it really limiting and stops you from giving shows a try. Netflix is better and cheaper.

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