2.11m for final Origin game


When you’re talking Origin, even a “dead rubber” game can still be a TV drawcard….

The third and final State of Origin drew an impressive 2.11m viewers last night.

There were 839,000 viewers watching in Sydney as the Blues managed a win over the Maroons. In Brisbane there were 758,000 watching, with 381,000 in Melbourne.

It was the lowest of the three games this year (Game 1: 2.7m), only due to Queensland already having won the first two games. Comparatively, in 2010 when Queensland had won 2 matches the third game was lower at 1.78m viewers.

Looking around the rest of the schedules last night, MasterChef, Offspring, Home and Away, 7:30 and Mad as Hell were amongst those that still held eyeballs.

Nine network won with 40.2% then Seven 21.2%, TEN 17.5%, ABC 14.5% and SBS 6.6%.

Following Origin for Nine were Nine News (1.11m / 1.01m),  A Current Affair (953,000) and Hot Seat (654,000). NRL Rookie was 337,000 in 2 cities. The AFL Footy Show was 236,000 in 3 cities following Origin.

Seven News (1.16m / 1.04m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (738,000), The Chase (704,000 / 446,000), Criminal Minds (419,000 / 390,000). Border Security International was 315,000 in 3 cities.

Despite the heated contest MasterChef remained strong at 945,000 with another 742,000 for Offspring. The Project drew 726,000 / 518,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 508,000 and a Madam Secretary repeat was just 194,000.

ABC News was 864,000 for ABC followed by 7:30 (688,000), Mad as Hell (574,000), QI (486,000), Catherine Tate’s Nan (336,000), Antiques Roadshow (335,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (252,000).

On SBS it was Byzantium: The Tale of Three Cities (210,000), Tour de France (191,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (187,000) and SBS World News (141,000).

ABC2’s Hey Duggee topped multichannels for the first time with 296,000.

Today: 318,000
Sunrise: 294,000
ABC News Breakfast: 110,000 / 51,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 13 July 2016


  1. I thought the SOO Game 3 was great last night. David Campbell sang the National Anthem brilliantly- I think he should sing it at the NRLGF.
    there a questions I have that need to be answered; 1) who replaces Ray Warren when he retires and 2) will Channel9 do a overhaul on their NRL commentary team.

    • Aussiecam58

      I have to admit l don’t get why they swap channels neither. Basically they are all on the same plain these days. Like the footy show in Melbourne should be shown same time n same channel in Sydney. Different when they were on at the same time. Now on different nights. If not on Nine then move it to Gem. This primary channel idea is a nonsense. They look for market share across the the spectrum. Nearly the whole country has HD receivers and all operators have a SD version of it. Split reception n have HD air the Orgin and SD normal programs.

  2. Catherine Tate’s Nan was hilarious. Why can’t the ABC follow the Beeb’s lead and commission something that’s actually funny? Are ABC audiences really crying out for unfunny comedies from twenty-something Melbourne-based hipsters?

    • The ABC is still in Melbourne mode. It used to be Sydney-centric, now it’s Melbourne-centric. Hopefully, one day it will become Australia-centric. Foxtel can film dramas in Tasmania, WA, etc. Why can’t the ABC?

      • And yes I know that the ABC has filmed Rosehaven in Tas., but it’s really a Melbourne based show. Besides, it’s still too little.

      • I’m all for more backdrops outside Melbourne & Sydney. ABC has The Code (which also moves to Qld in upcoming season), The Straits a few years ago. Doing Torres Strait Island docudrama. Film Vic has certainly had a win / win partnership with ABC that dwarfs the Screen NSW equivalent. It’s been great to watch Canberra & Tassie.

          • Sure, love to see other state bodies see it and raise it. Screen NSW recently announced it was lifting its $20m to $40m for Made in NSW fund over 2 years. Film Vic followed a week later with a partnership worth an estimated $80 million in production expenditure -for ABC alone.

      • That’s because the ABC don’t “make” anything. They commission shows to be made for them. And the producers go where the money is. There’s very little state funding for TV production in states beyond NSW and VIC. VIC by very far has the lions share of available dollars to attract production. It also costs less generally because there’s more already existing infrastructure. So unless a production can somehow justify the extra costs why would they go where there’s less money to put on the screen ?

    • I agree – what a gem!.Hopefully the subsequent episodes are just as funny. I have a feeling that this type of show may not be hugely popular in Australia as reflected in the ratings.

  3. Lowest SOO figure in years, following Game 1’s record high of 2.7m+.

    David, I saw the regional figure of around 900k, that has to be the lowest ever?

    Is this new SCA deal worrying for Ch 9 then?

    You probably had heaps of Rugby League viewers tune into Ch 8 (WIN) to find MasterChef LOL

    Ch 10 will be happy MasterChef & Offspring did very well against the competition.

    • Goodness, you’re a hard marker. Did you not read the article? Last time there was a dead rubber in 2010 there was a metro audience of less than 1.8m. This game it was 2.11m.
      And why your sudden interest in regionals? In the past, when comparing AFL & NRL grand finals, you claimed that regional figures didn’t really count.

      • No, when I have said “they don’t count”, I am referring to OzTam & RegionalTAM.

        Come the end of November, the OzTam ‘most watched shows’ has had the “AFL Grand Final” in the #1 place.

        And I was explaining how thay works 🙂

        (i.e.) Regional figures are never included in/measured by OzTam.

        As a side note, over the past 15 years, the average for SOO is just over 2m (metro). While the AFL GF is near 3m.

        (e.g.) 2012 AFL Grand Final had over 3m… Metro. Astonishing…

        • It’s difficult to have a ratings convo about AFL / NRL (& Origin) without it descending into code wars, so let’s please avoid such. NRL does well with regional numbers included because people meters are dominant on East Coast in regional markets.

  4. Odd that during the first 2 Origin matches Seven played new episodes of Criminal Minds yet for the third – and a dead rubber – they play a repeat

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