2016: Still to Come

Big events still to come in Drama, Reality & Sport this year.


As we approach the mid-point of the TV year, what’s still to come on Television?

There are certainly some big events coming in Drama, Reality and Sport.

Everything hinges around the Olympic Games from August 5 – 21. Networks will be unveiling big shows when the Games conclude (only a handful will be seen while they are underway).

Here’s a list of highlights still to come, based on Upfronts statements and several thereafter.

The list is not conclusive, doesn’t include Sport, nor US Fall shows, ie. TEN has confirmed upcoming US titles but it’s unclear when they will screen (including 24: Legacy, Prison Break, The Exorcist, MacGyver, This Is Us, Pitch, Bull and Doubt).

Similarly, Nine also has Doctor Doctor, Travel Guides and Unreal Estate but hasn’t not confirmed for 2016 screening. Gruen is also expected on the ABC. Seven recently advised dumping The Day the Cash Came.


800 Words,
Dancing With The Stars,
The X Factor,
Winners And Losers,
Zumbo’s Just Desserts,
Sunday Night Takeaway,
The Secret Daughter,
The Big Music Quiz,
Make you LOL specials,
Billy Connolly’s Tracks Across America,
Islands of Australia,
Code Black


The Block,
Hyde + Seek,
Prison: First & Last 24 Hours,
House of Bond,
The Verdict,
House Husbands,
Married at First Sight (S3),
Kings Cross ER,
Sex Ed,
Carols by Candlelight


Australian Survivor,
The Wrong Girl,
Gogglebox (S4),
The Great Australian Spelling Bee,
The Bachelor,
The Bachelorette.
Life In Pieces,
Jamie Oliver,
American Gothic,

American Gothic -Season 1-Episode4-0


The Code,
Upper Middle Bogan,
Soul Mates,
Nowhere Boys,
Play School 50th Anniversary,
Seven Types of Ambiguity,
Wolf Hall,
Howard on Menzies,
David Stratton’s Story of Australian Cinema,
Streets of Your Town,
Stop Laughing… This Is Serious
Prisoner Zero,
Ice Wars,
The Deep,
You’re Skitting Me,
Catherine Tate’s Nan,
Fancy Boy,


Deep Water,
Hanson: The Years that Shook Australia,
Who Do You Think You Are?,
Who Do You Think You Are? (UK),
Shaun Micallef’s Stairway to Heaven,
First Contact,
Masters of Sex,
Vikings (S4 II)
Mankind from Space,
Barack Obama: Inside his Presidency,
Top Knot Detective,



The Kettering Incident,
A Place to Call Home.,
Grand Designs Australia,
The Great Australian Bake Off,
The Recruit,
The Walking Dead,
Australia’s Next Top Model,
Gogglebox (S4),
The Night Of,
Pacific Heat,
Whose Line is it Anyway Australia?,
Big Little Lies,
The Affair,
Peter Garrett: A Version of Now – The Full Story,
Project Runway All Stars,
Looking: The Movie,
Sharknado: The 4th Awakens,
In The Club,
The Musketeers,
The Living and the Dead,
Martin Clunes specials,
Top Gear USA,

This post updates.

34 Responses

  1. I’m interested in new seasons of Broadchurch and Humans, and Gogglebox. Don’t care about the rest. I will probably watch one episode of Australian Survivor to see if it’s any good

  2. There are also all the US shows returning from September / October on Foxtel, where they are genuinely and consistently fast tracked, not just as a gimmick for a couple of weeks like the FTA networks do.

    There are a couple of shows on 7 that would be worth a look but unless they go HD in Sydney, i’ll give them a miss. Though I guess the 6,000 people in Sydney who watched the AFL on Thursday on 7 Mate night would have appreciated the HD coverage.

      1. Nothing to do with AFL fans and everything to do with the fact that AFL does not rate well at all in Sydney (especially when non Sydney teams are playing), yet channel 7 keeps 7Mate as HD for a very small audience and their main channel as SD for a significantly larger audience. It doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. For me: MasterChef GF, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Brock, DWTS, Olympics, AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup, Bathurst, Australian Survivor & Offspring excite me.

      I agree, Ch 9 have nothing (although Peter Hitchener’s news is good).

      Seven are #1, hence have the #1 sport code 🙂

      That would be Sydney… Who had around 80,000 watch an AFL game a number of weeks ago on 7Mate!?

      NRL… Which is failing in Melbourne & even being beaten by Perth 😀

      1. Has the comments policy changed or is it just double standards? A few months back I had a comment blocked that was much less inflammatory than this and was told comments were not allowed that started code wars. AFL is a fine sport, it just doesn’t rate well in Sydney, especially when non Sydney teams are playing.

        1. No change. Context is everything. I viewed your comment as an observation about Seven’s HD strategy so it was approved. I do take a very dim view of code wars so I’m monitoring. Moderation is always a work in progress not a science. But let’s all get back on topic.

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