Foxtel to switch 7TWO to 7mate for satellite customers

Foxtel satellite customers in NSW, Vic & Qld are about to lose 7TWO titles, as 7mate takes precedence.

7twoFoxtel has announced 7TWO will no longer be retransmitted to selected satellite areas from today.

In an online post it indicated “7TWO will no longer be retransmitted via our satellite to customers in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Instead, 7mate will become available on channel 188.”

It means those customers will no longer have access to 7TWO titles such as Lewis, Murdoch Mysteries, For the Love of Dogs, Escape to the Country, Bargain Hunt, Around The World with Manu and Mr Selfridge. They are still available via 7Live streaming.

The move is believed to be a decision from Seven.

The change arrives just before the Rio Olympics coverage (also screening on Seven / 7mate) and Paralympics -only screening on 7TWO.

Foxtel says horse racing can be accessed via:

RACING.COM (channel 529)
Sky Racing (channel 526)
Sky Thoroughbred Central (channel 528)
These are all available in either the Entertainment or Essentials packages.

What affect will this have on MyStar/MyStar2 customers?
These customers will be unaffected by the change. As they rely on their antenna to receive current FTA content, the exact channels they have now will continue as usual. They do not rely on our satellite to retransmit their FTA channels.

Will this impact cable customers?
No. Cable customers will continue to receive both channels and experience no reposition in channel numbers – with 7TWO remaining on channel 137 and 7mate remaining on channel 188.

What FTA channels are available to me?
Please refer to this FTA matrix for the full list of channels you are able to receive.

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  1. “The move is believed to be a decision from Seven.”

    Wonder how much prodding Seven got from the AFL seeing in NSW and Queensland the AFL is on 7Mate in some areas (though I guess most would also have Fox Footy).

  2. I again suggest that Free To Air and Pay TV to negotiate something the US seem to be willing to do even though they still have there issues that take awhile they seem to get a result. Today has set a new way that foxtel can pick and choose wonder when channel 7 found out this was happening if at all.

    1. MyStar FTA runs off your antenna I believe so you’ll keep getting them all. When I had MyStar most of the FTA channels were available in their normal spots (eg: 7two was 062).
      Will only be affected if you didn’t previously receive 7mate.

  3. Poor form by Foxtel to do this without warning! People would have had recordings set that will now just disappear. Here’s an insane idea, provide all the multi-channels. If there’s no space on the satellite, dump the home shopping and religious rubbish virtually no one watches.

    I loathe being a satellite customer, I’d fund the cable in my street just so I could get all the FTA channels via Foxtel! Grrrr…

        1. You may not be aware of this (and if not, read your contract with Foxtel), but you don’t actually pay for and they are under no obligation to provide you with any FTA service. If you use Foxtel or have only installed Foxtel for the express purpose of FTA TV, then that’s your fault.

          Foxtel don’t need to tell you anything about a FTA service. I would be grateful that they’ve even bothered to do this. As you’ve said, its Seven’s decision – direct your issues there

  4. What’s with the short notice here?

    Having mate on Foxtel instead also means that NSW, QLD, etc can see AFL via their Foxtel without having the sports package on or flicking over to an FTA receiver. I know a few Foxtel users that don’t bother going to FTA at all (even if they can) so any FTA channel not on Foxtel misses out on being viewed at all by these people.

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