Nine recycles Titanic again


Check the calendar, we could be in Summer, with a bunch of movies reruns screening on Primary channels next week.

Having already screened Ghost (1990) this week, next Thursday it serves up Titanic (1997). That’s despite the film screening in primetime on Nine in 4 cities in March.

The Castle (1997) also screens on Tuesday. Of course with State of Origin and The Voice finale, it would take a miracle for another network to steal the week (it has happened in an Origin week before).

Over the next week Nine also has these primetime reruns: The Fugitive (1993), US Marshalls (1998), Failure to Launch (2006), Volcano (1997) and Patriot Games (1992).

Meanwhile Seven has The Mummy (1999), Tomb Raider (2001), The Bourne Identity (2002), Endless Love premiere (2014),  The Mummy Returns (2001) and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003).

TEN has The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011) and Taken 2 (2012).

Some titles may screen in cities where there are not sporting commitments.


  1. Given none of the Olympics coverage will be live until at least 10pm eastern, I don’t know why we have to have a big programming hole around the Olympics.

    Thankfully on Ten it looks like it will be business as usual with a tweet out today saying the Bachelor is coming in July (Wed & Thur once Masterchef concludes).

    As for Titanic, I will admit to watching it for the first time in HD and enjoying it when it last played on Nine but 4 months later is definitely too soon.

    Free to air have such a narrow range of movies overall now. So many movies that never make it to free to air or are rarely played.

  2. I am hearing nine revenue has dropped yet again advertisers are deserting traditional media and the fact the new shows and some old favs have this year have flopped ,the cheapest option is rerun movies ,poor ole southern cross paying all that affiliation fees.

    • WIN must be clapping their hands. Always felt Ten &.WIN would make a good marriage. Ten just need to work on their multichannel offerings.

  3. I thought movies are what multichannels are for?! the only time main channels should be playing movies during weeknights are during summer! if they have sold off a bunch of shows to Foxtel then that’s their own fault. if they are looking to play something while other shows are on a break, do research and see what’s available. or play documentaries to fill the gaps! they should just go back to air movies on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday’s only.

  4. 9 spent years killing all their overseas US content and now they have nothing to fill their schedule besides recycled movies and one off specials. Serves them right.

  5. I wouldn’t think Nine have this week in the bag already, given that this origin game is a dead rubber, and Voice numbers are mediocre. I guess a lot of networks are now in a holding pattern until after the Olympic games. Not much point introducing a new show to the schedule now, given that a number of non rating weeks are coming up next month.

  6. I can’t imagine advertisers will be happy? I find it surprising how many films are being shown during ratings season? Is it because of the olympics are close and networks are reluctant to show new content? Is I t that they have no new content? And why keep showing films we have seen so many times before? I’ll keep watching ABC iView, SBS Demand and Netflix then….

    • Would it matter – does anyone seriously sit through long ad breaks ( especially during movies ) anymore? Would would record and zap through them, or if you are watching live, hop onto the computer!

  7. Even that’s not the worst of it as Fugitive is being shown early evening and cut to a ‘PG’ rating-why networks feel the need to show endless rapid repeats (and cut versions at that) is beyond the ken of mere mortals.

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