Returning: Scott and Bailey

The fifth and final season of UK crime drama starring Suranne Jones & Lesley Sharp starts later this month.


The fifth and final season of UK crime drama Scott and Bailey returns to ABC later this month.

This season sees a single crime story across three episodes, described as “one of the biggest and darkest cases they have ever had to face”.

Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp return as Rachel Bailey and Janet Scott in this drama series exploring the personal and professional lives of two Manchester detectives. This time around Janet and Rachel investigate the sinister world of the Darknet, a place that offers complete anonymity to its users.

A ruthless game is being played – one man challenges another to murder, leaving a chalk mark at the scene as proof. The images are loaded to a website and the baton is passed to the next killer. As more chalk marks are left, identifying more victims, will Janet and Rachel be able to stop these vicious killers before it’s too late?

9:30pm Friday July 22 on ABC.

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