Selling Houses Australia coming to Seven

One of Pay TV's biggest hits is about to get a replay on Free to Air.


In a surprise announcement, Seven has confirmed it has picked up the rights to perennial Pay TV hit Selling Houses Australia.

Due to screen after the Olympics, the property series is one of Pay TV’s biggest shows, attracting bumper ratings and repeated ASTRA Awards as the viewer voted most popular show. Hosts Andrew Winter and Shaynne Blaze also have a swag of ASTRA trophies in the Personality stakes.

Joined by landscaper Charlie Albone, the three come to the rescue of properties ahead of auction with a makeover and selling advice. Each property is featured in single episodes with no eliminations, with Winter winning accolades for his storytelling skills.

The deal for the Beyond Productions show follows from Seven’s close ties with Foxtel through A Place to Call Home and the Presto joint venture, despite Foxtel’s more recent alignment with TEN. It will also see Shaynne Blaze on two FTA networks, with her return on The Block expected post-Olympics.

There are 9 seasons of Selling Houses Australia completed, with Seven tipped to screen from Season 5.

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  1. As long as they keep the rights to show new seasons on Foxtel first…..because as much as I like it I wouldn’t watch it on free to air…they can’t be trusted to leave shows in one time slot.

  2. I’ve seen a few episodes online and really like the show.

    Just as long as channel 7 doesn’t plan to put it up against The Block. Knowing them they will! As The Block is usually on 5 days a week and it doesn’t leave much prime time left.

  3. This is great, but why can’t 7 start from the beginning if they have bought the rights to screen it!?
    Hope it gets used as a draw card of its own and not a filler that moves time slots!

    1. I started watching Seling Houses Australia just over six months ago on 7TWO and was hooked in from the first episode that I saw now watch or record it every Friday night.

      It’s also great to hear that it’s one of Foxtel’s most watched programs (even though that I don’t have Foxtel)

  4. Seems odd Foxtel would want one of their hottest properties and biggest drawcards on free to air. If local pay TV productions are going to start airing for free eventually, then why bother paying for Foxtel?

    1. Foxtel would have bought the show under particular conditions. The right to air it for a certain period of time, or perhaps forever. But they wouldn’t have bought exclusive rights forever. This was Beyond can make some more money, which may very well help keep the show on air for longer. The will be airing shows that are several years old. It’s not that big a deal for Foxtel. If anything it suggests that Free To Air is the home of old programming.

      1. You’re not wrong there! Repeats of “Escape To The Country” on 7TWO are way behind The Lifestyle Channel and when it started on 9GEM recently the first screening was Series 1 Episode 1.
        The latest episodes of ETTC on the Lifestyle Channel are dated 2014, but at least they are unseen (by us).

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