Aussie content not a key driver in choosing Streaming service


Early results in TV Tonight‘s annual Audience Inventory indicate that viewers who subscribe to Streaming services are signing up for international content, not local titles.

Of 16 reasons listed as important criteria in selecting a Streaming Service, “Australian Content” is ranking┬áthe lowest, in surveys completed thus far.

It means viewers deem services such as Netflix, Stan and Presto as a destination for curated international content, while Free to Air and Pay TV are better at meeting their needs in Aussie content.

The factors that heavily influence their Streaming subscriptions are Amount of Content / Range of Content / Affordable Price / Works Well With My Devices and No Lock-In Contract.

The low interest in Australian content as a deciding influence comes ahead of a new local service, OzFlix set to launch offering All-Australian movies later this year.

Stan has been the busiest of the three big streaming services to commission local production including Wolf Creek and No Activity. This week it was reported a new comedy is in development Merchants of Misery is in development with Jungle productions.

So far more than 567 surveys have been completed in the 8th year of the Audience Inventory.

You still have until August 26 to complete a survey!



  1. Yet didn’t Stan release stats that showed Wolf Creek was by far and away the most streamed title?

    Likewise Presto And the Home and Away movie

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