Fourth judge still to be revealed for X Factor


A fourth judge will be joining the upcoming season of X Factor.

Audition scenes for the Seven reality show have already been filmed, but Seven has confirmed an “underdog judge” is yet to be announced.

The Daily Telegraph speculates former X Factor judge, Melanie Brown, could be returning to the show despite the profile legal case won by Seven against Nine.

Nine signed the ex-Spice Girls singer to Australia’s Got Talent, with Brown in breach of her Seven contract. Seven won the case with Nine announcing Geri Haliwell as her replacement.

“We haven’t revealed the identity of the judge. There’s been a lot of speculation online. She (Brown) has been one of the names that’s popped up,” a Seven spokesperson said.

Brown was in Melbourne in mid-July, adding to the speculation.


  1. Seems unlikely to me given the way the judging panel is currently skewed quite young. Not sure who it will be, but interested to find out. I like this underdogs concept. All too often X Factor seems like the poor cousin to The Voice, something I watch the fill the gap, but I’m a bit psyched about this year.

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