Josh Wakely: ‘How I got The Beatles songs’


Australian Beat Bugs creator Josh Wakely got the songs from The Beatles library by being very, very patient.

He told the Television Critics Association press tour that the Seven / Netflix series took three years to secure the rights to songs through Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

While most potential backers loved his animated concept “..then I’d say, ‘All I need to do is get the rights to the Beatles’ songs.’

“And they’d look at me like I was a little bit crazy; and I guess I was.

“There were points where I certainly should’ve given up, and everyone was instructing me to give up, but I just could see so clearly what it could be that I just couldn’t let it go.”

It took another 3 years to craft the show, with vocal stars including Sia, The Shins, James Corden, Regina Spektor, Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell of Temple of the Dog and Soundgarden.

“I think people will be talking about this music in the way they talk about Shakespeare in 400 years,” he said. “It’s so perfectly designed that it can be reinterpreted in this way.”

Wakely has yet to hear any feedback from surviving Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

He now has a second season of Beat Bugs on the way and a separate project featuring the music of Motown.

Source: LA Times

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