News & Factuals lead on Sunday

Ratings: 60 Mins on a season high, Spelling Bee slips further, Hanson doco lifts SBS. Seven wins the night.


Sunday night was notable for the absence of a noisy reality show, but there were at least two first run local dramas and a doco.

That left news and factuals to top the night in total people, with Seven News, 60 Minutes (on a season high), Border Security and The Force all winning their slots.

TEN was under the 500,000 mark all night, with The Great Australian Spelling Bee slipping further from 484,000 to 365,00.

SBS doco Pauline Hanson: Please Explain! lifted its Sunday shares with 405,000 and may well top its week overall.

While Nine won the primary channel race, Seven network won Sunday overall with 31.1% then Nine 28.9%, TEN 16.4%, ABC 15.5% and SBS 8.1%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.21m for Seven then Sunday Night (804,000), Border Security (780,000), The Force (757,000) and Bones (420,000 / 240,000).

Nine News (1.17m) led for Nine then 60 Minutes (1.08m), Love Child (710,000) and Movie: My Sister’s Keeper (280,000).

Movie: How to Train Your Dragon 2 was best for TEN on 436,000. The Great Australian Spelling Bee was 365,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 342,000 and FIA Formula One was 191,000 / 184,000 in 3 cities.

On ABC it was ABC News (727,000), Grand Designs NZ (683,000), Barracuda (432,000), Stop Laughing This is Serious (288,000). Compass drew 203,000.

Pauline Hanson: Please Explain! (405,000) topped SBS then Rome: Empire Without Limit (256,000) and SBS World News (167,000) comprised SBS. Black Panthers: Vanguard of Revolution was 81,000.

ABC2’s Charlie and Lola (212,000) was best on multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 31 July 2016.

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  1. My 9 year old daughter asked if she could watch Spelling Bee last Sunday. I said I’d record it so she could watch after school as 6.30 Sunday when we have news on, family, dinner etc just isn’t a good time.

    She ended up watching half of it during the week, but would not again – her complaints (and she’s a great speller) are: not enough words to spell, long pauses, words that they don’t show anyone spelling, too many adds, show goes too long.

    A show like this really should be produced more in the style of a game show, not in the style of reality elimination.

  2. I think the problem with Spelling Bee this year is that it is tooooooo slow. That dreaded long pause by the adjudicator before he says if the word is spelt right or wrong is annoying. The kids cuteness factor is a bit overdone as well at times but on the other hand they are why I watch it.

  3. Agree with the other comments on Barracuda. Brilliant Aussie drama with the quality you would expect from the ABC. Definitely my favorite drama of the year. Think many thousands would have watched this on iview as I did, and these viewers are not counted in the ratings.

  4. Why on earth is Ten starting shows at 6.30 – when 7 and 9 stations run hour long local news that gets massive ratings. Starting at 6.30 they have no shot at all. Run Family Fued at 6 and Modern Family at 630. Start Spelling Bee at 7


  5. I watched all of the Hanson doco on SBS. I found it pretty compelling; although thought it hastily wrapped itself up and glossed somewhat over the incarceration and legal stuff. Perhaps for legal reasons or that some of it simply didn’t make the cut. As you suggested David in your review, that for an overlong piece, the edit of the Margo Kingston/Pauline moments, also was a little odd. That is a pretty huge rating for SBS on a Sunday night too.

  6. Can we just admit that 10 listening to the “my kids have an early bed time” crowd in reguards to Spelling Bee was a mistake

    . It was averaging 600-700 last year and this year it is hovering around 400. Luckily it looks like a relatively cheep show to produce because it it weren’t for the low cost factor, there is no way I see it coming back next year.

  7. I guess everyone (including me) who suggested 6.30 Sunday for Spelling Bee can eat humble pie. That’s why I’m not a programmer! Although they could start it at 7pm to give it a fighting chance. They need to use 7pm slots of the weekend to have any chance of competing with 7 and 9.

  8. Spelling Bee had no competition and bombed badly. Will be the last season I would think. Barracuda was brilliant last night and definitely deserved to be seen by more viewers. Maybe would have been better in the Oz drama Thursday 8.30pm slot as the previous three weeks it was up against reality show finales so did not gain a loyal audience.

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