Returning: Westside

Outrageous Fortune prequel set in the 1970s returns next week on GEM.


Here’s something that may be of interest as an Olympics alternative.

Next week GEM will resume Westside, the NZ prequel to Outrageous Fortune.

The series created by Rachel Lang and James Griffin, stars Antonia Prebble and David de Lautour as Rita and Ted West, parents to Wolf (originally Grant Bowler). Wolf is portrayed here by Reef Ireland (Wentworth, Puberty Blues, Killing Time, Downriver).

The show will generate drama points for Nine, given it is first run. It kicks off with a double episode premiere at 9:30pm Monday on GEM.

This week it was renewed for a third season.

Rita West is reunited with love of her life Ted, but has lost a son. The gloves are off in the war with the Horsemen and there’s a storm in a teacup…actually a whole tea set.

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  1. Yet another New Zealand drama for Nine which gets local quota points and displaces a local Australian drama and a lot of jobs. It is deeply cynical and the end result has been a steadily declining Australian drama industry. Made worse by the fact that the New Zealand broadcasters pay almost nothing for these shows in comparison with their budgets because they are subsidised by the New Zealand government through New Zealand On-Air. And guess what? New Zealand doesn’t have any local drama content quota of its own but can access Australia’s. It is indefensible. Part of Malcolm Turnbull’s clever and agile policy for Australia.

  2. Thanks David. I bought the DVD last year as I knew I would have to wait a long time for 9 to air it and now they are showing it as doubles. There are only 6 episodes in each season. Ridiculous programming!

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