A meeting of “two Doreens”

Wentworth's 'Doreen' meets Prisoner's 'Doreen' on Ramsay Street for more double trouble.

Love this one…

Cheeky casting this week from the folks at Neighbours when Shareena Clanton guest stars in Neighbours.

She will play ‘Sheila Canning’ who just happens to have the same name as the original Sheila Canning, played by Colette Mann.

Shareena Clanton, of course, played the reimagined role of Doreen on Wentworth, originally created by Colette Mann in Prisoner.

It’s not the first time both have met, having teamed up at Wentworth‘s media launch back in 2013, and both appearing in an all-star group photo for TV Tonight‘s 10th birthday!

A mysterious woman arrives in Erinsborough who questions Susan’s earrings and Chloe’s hand cream.  She also helps Ned at The Hive when he finds himself in an unfortunate pickle.

Chloe begins to question Sheila about her expensive deliveries of late. To appease her guilt, Sheila asks Levi hypothetically about the legal ramifications of keeping goods that were shipped to the wrong person.

Susan refuses to partake in Jane’s ultimatum and orders the two teachers to find a solution together. After seeing Curtis clever tactic with his demanding aunt, Jane offers him a truce.

6:30pm Wednesday on 10 Peach

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  1. So both actresses will play characters with exactly the same name in the same scene, as in two Sheila Cannings?
    I haven’t watched Neighbours since the late ’80s but as a massive Wentworth and Prisoner fan, I’ll probably tune in just to see this fantastic double casting. I miss Shareena’s Doreen.

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