Original Prisoner episodes to rerun on 10 Play

A treat for fans of nostalgic TV.

Prisoner fans rejoice!

The original series is set to screen on 10 Play from January 1st.

The info was included in a 10 Play promo -hopefully this means the entire series, which was last broadcast publicly via Foxtel.

All together now….. “Rack off Birdsworth!”

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  1. I have a memory that I think is correct… They used to have a break in production in November because all of the crew and equipment were busy covering the Melbourne Cup Carnival. This resulted in a big cliffhanger before the show was rested for a week or two.

    1. That certainly happened in the early 1980s, where the scale of the Melbourne Cup coverage (requiring something like 20 cameras and multiple OB vans) was such that production resources and personnel had to be taken from the studio where Prisoner was made, so production of the series would take a two-week break. I don’t know about the cliffhanger aspect, though, as production in November would have been for episodes airing well into the next year. But it was clear that Channel Ten had to pull a lot of equipment and staff from internal and external sources (including borrowing some equipment from Nine, reportedly) to put together its Melbourne Cup coverage. These days they probably outsource it all.

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