Seven counter-programmes Australia’s Cheapest Weddings against Married at First Sight

It's a TV bridal war as Seven trumps Nine's hand by launching new series a week earlier.

It’s bridal wars in TV land and it just got very dirty.

Seven has trumped Nine’s plans to return Married at First Sight on Monday nights by launching Australia’s Cheapest Weddings this Monday at 9pm following the premiere of Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

It will now hold a replay of the Closing Ceremony until 10pm (originally due at 9pm).

Seven counter-programmed after Nine revealed their hand and gives it gives it a one week advantage over  the return of Married at First Sight, due at 8:40pm on Monday August 29.

Last year networks promised they would not be copy-catting shows. We didn’t believe them then.

Standby for Have You Been Paying Attention‘s Tom Gleisner wearing a bridal veil? Over to you, promo dept.

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  1. Bridal wars definitely in tv land, its is no wonder weddings are so popular, they are expensive to hold and they are judged so harshly as to the success of the event. Not just by the viewing tv audience, but by real family members and friends at real ceremonies. Trying to balance style, class and the budget is very tricky.

  2. I missed the “maturity” of Ch 7 during the Olympics – thank god that terrible ‘distraction’ for them is finished and they can get back to the real game of showing YouTube clips as broadcast programming

  3. Well I’ll be recording the closing ceremony and watching it when I want anyway. I thought a 9pm start was late enough for a replay but 10pm? And after a cheap wedding show? Did they not learn anything from the ratings of Nine’s most expensive weddings? Not the best way to come out of Olympics with this sort of programming and the two wedding shows attract different audience anyway (and we’re not interested in any of them!).

  4. That’s both mean and stupid, and shows that they have no understanding of game theory. I have zero interest in either show but won’t be unhappy if nobody watches the one on Seven.

    I’m guessing that Weddings Make You LOL is being saved for a 7:30 slot somewhere?

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