Spoiler alert? Million dollars will be won next Monday on Hot Seat.


Nine has broken from tradition to confirm that a million dollars will be won on Monday’s Hot Seat -the first $M win in its 7 year history.

Earlier this week the network confirmed an “historic moment” was coming, but the powers that be have subsequently decided to confirm not only the money being won but the day it will air.

Giving away the loot on Monday will doubtless help its line-up including The Block and even the premiere of Married at First Sight -hence it’s change of heart.

The cash will fall short of the TV cash record of $1,016,000 won by Million Dollar Minute champion Andrew Skarbek in March 2015.

After seven years, a whopping One Million Dollars will be won.
This is the must-see Millionaire Hot Seat of all-time.

An historic Millionaire Hot Seat.
Monday at 5.30pm on Channel Nine.


  1. And I’ll bet that Eddie will give away the answer as he always does. I stopped watching Hot Seat years ago as I could no longer tolerate Eddie so blatantly giving away the answers. If he says “X seconds” or neglects to lock in an answer right away, it’s a blatant indication that “Hey, the answer’s wrong. Have another go!” I was sick of seeing undeserving after undeserving winner taking home the big cash prize (Eddie made me want to go postal on the TV on more than one occasion), and I have little doubt that the million dollar winner will be the same.

    I wish they would just reinstate the original Millionaire format already (and they can introduce a timer like they have in other countries so that the pacing isn’t so sluggish as it was when it used to air at 8.30pm Mondays, particularly in this age of Google and instant gratification). I love Millionaire but I hate Hot Seat.

    • Mr game show fan

      I would suggest Channel 9 to incorporate the US Clock Format with all of those lifelines. Better format and much much better music than Hot Seat. It has got fantastic remixes of the classic music.

      It should work as a weeknight show like Hot Seat has.

  2. The $1m would probably have been better spent on a new format for Nine’s 5.30 slot. With Dancing with the Stars and the Biggest Loser out this year, Hotseat is probably the more tired format on TV at the moment.

  3. I wonder how easy the questions will be. Has anyone outside Nine confirmed this is legit? I remember when the original Millionaire was won, the press were leaking the win four weeks before the show aired.

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