The Block beats Australian Survivor launch


The return of The Block has beaten the debut of Australian Survivor.

Nine’s reality show pulled 1.07m viewers last night while TEN (which annoyingly split coded the show) went as high as 784,000 viewers.

However what is worth noting is that Australian Survivor had to build from a lower base while Nine sailed from its Sunday night news into its reno show. On social media the show won rave reviews from fans -even trending worldwide last night.

The Block return is on par with its 2015 result, also 1.07m viewers, so the result during Olympics is good. A decision to shift the premiere from tonight to last night paid off handsomely. Remarkably, Nine actually matched Seven in primary channel share on an Olympics night.

Seven network won Sunday with 30.2% share then Nine 27.7%, TEN 18.85, ABC 15.4% and SBS 7.8%.

Seven News was #1 for the night with 1.39m viewers. Olympics coverage then drew In Rio Today (755,000), Day (713,000) and Evening (627,000).

Nine News (1.16m) was best for Nine then The Block (1.07m) and 60 Minutes (928,000). But Movie: The Dark Knight Rises was just 199,000.

Australian Survivor (784,000 / 783,000) led the night for TEN. All Star Family Feud was 528,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 324,000 and Movie: Taken was 309,000.

ABC News (767,000), Grand Designs NZ (683,000) and Wallander (585,000) comprised ABC’s night. Compass was 222,000.

SBS had a strong night too with a repeat of Great Wall of China: The Hidden Story pulling 469,000 viewers. Mongol was 231,000 and SBS World News was 220,000.

7TWO’s Olympics highlights topped multichannels with 227,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 21 August 2016.


  1. There is definitely a change in casting, instead of the usual bogans and misfits 2016 Block seems to have contestants that we might actually like. Let’s hope so or else it will be doomed again.

  2. With the ratings for the Olympics last night, I’m not surprised they were lower – the main Australian interest was the men’s basketball and it was on after midnight so it didn’t count for the ratings

    Previous evenings had Australians with medal chances competing in early sessions Rio time, particularly the rowing/kayak, walking, cycling, sailing, triathlon etc.

    Of course, a lot of people had already seen the events they wanted to see so maybe they decided to have an earlier night and get back to a more normal routine for the new week 😛

  3. I am loving New Zealand Grand Design. The last two weeks have featured two different houses that have been built on the side/edge of a cliff. I don’t think I could live in such a house, but the end result shows a beautiful home with fantastic views.

    Grand Design v The Block??? Grand Design every single time. (and no product placement or advertising)

  4. Ten might as well shut down news on wknds, Talk about pathetic numbers but I guess you can only expect that when you have such a cheap news department. 6.30 Sunday slot needs something good and not bloody family feud!
    Why is Survivor not on 4 nights a week? If we can have Celebrity Jungle on everyday we can have survivor everyday instead of stale shows like Modern family

  5. I was pleasantly surprised by the Block last night – interesting, engaging viewing right from the start! I think they did a great job with the casting, especially the two teachers and the older couple! The only downside was the over-the-top product placement which included the voiceover (e.g. ‘from our friends at Mitre 10’ while half the screen has their logo).

  6. I watched the block last night again why ???? and recorded ten aussie survivor I enjoyed aussie survivor it was great new and fun
    also I think the block has run its course if Scott cam says the biggest block once more i was going to throw up he says that every season

  7. As engaging as Scott Cam is, Survivor kicked off with a whirlwind start and I can only see it’s following growing. It was quite incredible to be on Twitter, tweets were flooding at one point, when the anticipation over Des’s departure was growing.
    The US Survivor has always been a personal favourite so I was slightly sceptical, however the Aus version was great – not quite matching MFJ (My Favourite Juggernaut) but up there.

  8. Being a huge Survivor fan I thought the Aussie version was pretty good. Happy they got rid of the annoying contestant on first night. I hope it stays true to USA version. I was disappointed it didn’t start at 7pm though.

  9. As an ex-Block lover, who now is intensely irritated by it, I am surprised by these numbers. Everywhere I look people were anticipating Survivor, Gogglebox, and Zumbo to a lesser extent, with barely a whimper about the Block. I suspect a lot of people tuned in to see what the new contestants would be like, but I have seen a lot of opinion around that the episode was boring.

  10. We also need to remember that Survivor has its work cut out only airing twice a week, giving The Block an opportunity to build further on Tuesday and Wednesday. But don’t get me wrong, I want to see Survivor do well. It’s Zumbo that I hope doesn’t do well. Also, TEN essentially gives 7 and 9 a free pass tomorrow night.

  11. I can’t see Zumbo being a threat. My prediction is Zumbo may start well tonight but will drop. For mine, The Block will bounce back and prove why its stood the test of time. Each series has been sufficiently different enough to make it exciting. House renos are fun and give people ideas. Making desserts is not fun and is generally too hard for most people to even attempt. It’s great to see that 7.30 slot being so competitive again. It’s been a while. We can all enjoy the outcome!

  12. Survivor will likely build as the season progresses and buzz spreads. The Block got off to a good start for Nine and Seven will be anxious about Zumbo tonight.

  13. Very disappointing numbers for Survivor, 10 can’t catch a break at the moment, I tried to stick with it, but the Block drew me in those first 30mins and that perhaps was the difference maker.

    Survivor seemed like they cast out of The Shire, I can see Zumbo doing some major damage also tonight, to not only The Block and Survivor, but to Masterchef moving forward as the dessert challenges are generally the only eps i watched this year on MC

    • Not sure how you managed to review of the cast of Survivor given you stuck with the Block. Cast was actually great. I think those who stick with Survivor are going to be glad they did.

  14. How the Block rates I don’t know, but maybe I am looking at it wrong. It should be coded as drama instead of entertainment or even lifestyle. Not my cup of tea, but that is just me.

    Saw a bit of Mongol last night and hope to see it repeated. Beautifully shot and reminds me of the original remit of SBS to provide high quality World movies and shows.

  15. Gosh aren’t people sick and tired of renovation shows yet…especially with the very annoying Scott Cam…..Aus Survivor was great…loved it !

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