The Recruit: Aug 17

Cathy Freeman guests on this week’s episode of The Recruit.


Cathy Freeman guests on this week’s episode of The Recruit tonight, plus the return of Season One faces.

With the focus this week on “ambition”, who better to talk to the boys than Cathy Freeman, someone whose ambition burned brightly from just ten years of age. Cathy drops in on the boys during the Captain’s Challenge at Lakeside Stadium in Melbourne’s Albert Park, where they are being coached by the kids from Little Athletics Australia as they tackle long jump and sprinting. She watches the Recruits perform, then gives them some advice on what it’s like being an elite athlete.

Episode five also sees the return of some familiar faces as the current Recruits take on some of the series one Recruits – led by their Coach, Michael Voss. Padraig Lucey, who is now on the Geelong list, watches from the sideline as Bradie Foster, Brendan Goss, Ryan Semmel, Chris Moreland, Nathan Jackal, Daniel Johncock and last series winner, Johann Wagner take the field.

Wednesday at 8.30pm on FOX8.

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