ABC delays Seven Types of Ambiguity to 2017


Upcoming ABC drama series Seven Types of Ambiguity has been held until 2017, despite an earlier announcement it would screen this year.

It was always a tight turn-around from production to broadcast so the news for the Matchbox Pictures series comes as no real surprise.

Based on a novel by Elliot Perlman, the psychological mystery features Hugo Weaving, Alex Dimitriades, Leeanna Walsman, Xavier Samuel, Anthony Hayes, Andrea Demetriades and Susie Porter.

But it means The Code, which premieres tonight, is the final ABC drama to screen this year (several comedies are still on the way). This contradicts an earlier statement that ABC would have a local drama every week of the ratings year.

Of course ABC is not alone in making announcements it has had to reverse.

Nine and Seven have also promised several titles this year that will not surface including House Husbands, House of Bond, Dancing with the Stars, Sunday Night Take-Away and The Day The Cash Came.

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  1. Frankly, out of all the much hyped ABC Australian content this year, the only ones that have hit the spot for me are the Dr Blake Mysteries, Janet King and Barracuda(which the ABC butchered, by sticking the whole series on iview in week one).
    The ABC has this attitude that anything Australian is top notch and must watch and we should endlessly flog it.
    I’m over it, Aussies are as capable of making bad television as our friends overseas, and the ABC isn’t exempt from this – eg. Please Like Me, Upper Middle Bogan, that show about the guy who wanted to lose his virginity, The Checkout.

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