Bachelor scores for TEN, Nine wins Thursday.

Ratings: It's a soft return for The Code, while a staggered sports schedule helps Nine to take Thursday.


Another Thursday, another win for The Bachelor, rising significantly from last week’s 750,000 to 857,000 last night -and another win in the Demos.  Thank you Hamish Blake?

Gogglebox followed suit winning its timeslot with 619,000 and second in Demos for TEN, with The Code having to settle for a soft return of 442,000.

Seven News and ABC News both won their slots but Seven otherwise had a quiet night. In the end the night went to Nine with its staggered sport schedule.

Nine network won Thursday with 27.65 then Seven 25.0%, TEN 22.1%, ABC 18.6% and SBS 6.6%.

Nine News led for Nine with 939,000 / 899,000 then A Current Affair (758,000), NRL (541,000 in 2 cities), The Footy Show (524,000), Hot Seat (521,000) and RBT (346,000 in 3 cities).

Seven News was #1 with 1.03m / 936,000 for Seven followed by Home and Away (678,000), The Chase (614,000 / 388,000), Selling Houses Australia (442,000) and Movie: Bridget Jones’s Diary (283,000).

The Bachelor won for TEN with 857,000, The Project (637,000 / 465,000), Gogglebox (619,000), TEN Eyewitness News (417,000) and Law and Order: SVU (268,000).

ABC News (803,000), The Checkout (725,000), 7:30 (709,000), The Code (442,000) and The Tunnel (317,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Destination Flavour Down Under (178,000), Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia (163,000), SBS World News (132,000) and Versailles (129,000).

Shaun the Sheep again topped multichannels with 296,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 1 September 2016

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  1. The problem with The Code isn’t the cast nor the production, it’s the rather convoluted storyline this time, and the rather predictable turn of events….if you saw season one, season two so far looks very familiar(the smart older brother having to rescue the nerdy, fragile younger brother)

  2. Did anyone here actually enjoy The Code? I agree with the five commenters here that say the show is trash, I watched the first episode last year and found it terrible with bad acting, writing and editing

  3. I tried watching the first series of The Code ended up confused and gave up…..so I wonder why the hell I bothered to watch the first episode of Season 2 last night….one thing I know for certain I wont be watching any more of it !!

  4. Ah The Bachelor…..I am still reeling and only slowly coming to terms with the departure of Kiki….still its getting to the business end of the series. There are strong rumours about the winner and I have a friendly bet with my youngest daughter about this…….breakfast at her favourite vegan cafe if I lose this……yikes they don’t even do vegan bacon

  5. I enjoyed series one but the first ep of Series two left me a bit confused…….Dr Blake it certainly aint, which is my opinion great ABC drama as opposed to Please Like Me which I watched one episode and then no more.

  6. I don’t think The Code is terrible by any means, but it’s still just basically a bunch of people sitting around Googling stuff. The whole point of dramatization is to make the discovery of information as interesting as possible (Aristotle pointed this out two and a half thousand years ago, and it’s why Sophocles’ version of Oedipus Rex is vastly superior to the versions before it that relied on Google-levels of passive discovery). Finding something on Google is never interesting or dramatic, no matter what sort of fancy-pants on-screen graphics you employ. David, I know you are a student of dramatic theory, so feel free to disagree.

    And another thing – I notice that Canberra really turned on the nice weather while they were filming the outside scenes!

  7. The ABC would be disappointed with those numbers, because they’ve given The Code blanket promotion over the past few weeks. I watched episode one of Season two last night, and I can’t say I was too impressed – totally far fetched storyline, too much going on at once, and Anthony LaPaglia playing some sort of odd character.
    This sums up the problem with the ABC generally – either too many repeats, or Aussie shows being shoved down our throats, regardless of their quality.
    Obviously the deal the BBC did with Foxtel a couple of years ago ripped the heart out of the ABC schedule, in terms of the first run rights to BBC new series or current seasons of something like Call the Midwife, but surely Aunty can do better for its British content than repeats of Midsomer Murders or the truly horrendous Agatha Raine?

    1. I think that it was perceived as not worth watching since 7 put it on a Thursday… seems viewers don’t trust 7 on a Thursday1? I didn’t mind it since I don’t get pay TV was nice to see something different that was Australian lifestyle.

  8. Nobody watched The Code first time around because it was poorly written and pretty incomprehensible. It should never have been renewed. Another ABC local drama bites the dust with a couple of million wasted.

      1. Awards don’t equal popularity.
        With the exception of a handful of movies, Oscars winners don’t tend to be box office successes.
        You won’t see Iron Man or Guardians of the Galaxy get a nomination but they rake in the $$.

          1. For The Code to get those awards is very concerning when it has a very narrow appeal and many who comment on here think it is fairly terrible. I too found the first series dreadful and gave up on it. A complete waste of money doing a 2nd series, seems like some folk within the industry are living in their own safe little bubble…

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