1. 800 Words was the #1 time shifted show last week adding 228,000 viewers, an increase of 36.9%, it was similar the week before. Nationally its pulling a total consolidated audience of 1.3 million plus. Viewers are still watching but on their own terms. The reality shows ( and Jon Benet) are the water-cooler shows these days and don’t tend to be time-shifted much at all. Viewing habits are changing rapidly with technology and delivery methods, drama is clearly affected by that more than other genres. All drama.

  2. I doubt Zombo’s Just Desserts will return in 2017……it’s little more than a bad imitation of Masterchef.
    Survivor? Well, thank goodness the merge is happening on Sunday night, I’m getting over one of the two tribes winning all of the immunity and reward challenges.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    To be fair, I think that Recognition was going to struggle no matter what was on Nine. Bolt is unpalatable to many people and the small cohort of his admirers are unlikely to watch the ABC for fear of being brainwashed into becoming communists.

    If anyone’s interested, I caught up on Tut last night. Or rather, I started to but stopped after 20 min. It’s awful. Unimaginative, uninteresting melodrama. It seemed as if the writers had just taken a trashy airport novel and plonked it into a script, complete with soap opera dialogue.

    A stark contrast to Versailles which has been very good so far.

    • LOL re: first comment.
      Disappointing to hear about Tut, but thanks for the head’s up. I’d planned on waiting till I had all 3 eps on DVR and watching over 3 nights but considering I usually agree with your comments about TV shows, I’ll attempt to watch the first before the 3rd airs.

    • Disagree completely. They ruined that episode with the promo the previous night – first episode of Oz Survivor I’ve managed to polish off within 20mins – once the Kate-Kristie conversation didn’t happen in the first 20 minutes, there wasn’t any point watching anything bar the votes as it was obvious who was going. If Vavau was winning immunity they wouldn’t randomly switch back for one conversation, when they didn’t show the potentially interesting Sanaapu discussion re: whom to send to tribal the night before, and the only reason Kate would have that conversation is to get the extra vote on Phoebe. How not to promo 101.

      • So I wasn’t the only one who noticed & thought this. I actually said it out loud when the losing tribe had their biggest lead during the challenge. While it wasn’t a foregone conclusion, I thought it was a 80-90% chance. And when they headed to Tribal Council, I also thought Phoebe was a goner. I’d actually go one step further and say they shouldn’t have promo’d the merge for Sunday.

      • Maybe I wasn’t paying as much attention and probably missed the promos as I was switching between the JonBenet doco? I was still impressed by Kristie standing up for herself. I’m only half invested in survivor but i thought phoebe was a chance at winning after all her power plays. Guess she blindsided me too 😉

  4. Zumbo has really hurt the lead in for 800 words. I don;t get how people would watch it one year and not come back the following year… if they enjoyed it, but is seems that many didn’t think it was worth watching a second season…

    • I think it is just the fact that people don’t mind the show but don’t love the show, Viewers generally won’t change channels of it is on but gennerally won’t actively change channels to it if they are watching something else.

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