Renewed: The Biggest Loser

Shannon Ponton & Fiona Falkiner are in but Michelle Bridges and partner Steve "Commando" Willis are out of new-look TEN series.


It’s official, The Biggest Loser is returning to TEN with a new look.

Shannon Ponton and host Fiona Falkiner are back but Michelle Bridges and partner Steve “Commando” Willis are out, while there is no word on Tiffany Hall.

According to the Sunday Telegraph Sydney-based trainer Libby Babet will join Ponton in The Biggest Loser: Transformed.

Promising to be more “relatable” it won’t be stacked with morbidly obese participants, but others who are out of shape but still in need of assistance. The show has previously been calling for participants aged between 18- 65 for filming between November and February.

“Rather than just the people who are 200 plus kilos, we want people who are on the slide — and if something doesn’t come up now then they’re going to end up super unhealthy and overweight in the future,” Ponton said.

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  1. As has been suggested before in other places, contestants who have not been able to lose weight despite genuine attempts would be more interesting. Previous contestants have been chosen because they had massive food intakes and no exercise, and therefore would immediately be successful just by being removed from their home environment.

    Poor choice retaining Fiona Faulkiner – she was very wooden in the last series. Hayley Lewis was much better.

  2. TEN recently announced casting for a show, New You, coming in 2017. I wonder if this TBL Transformed is a separate show, or ‘New You’ was a ‘working’ title / code until this announcement was to be made.

  3. If Ten are serious with this show they need to air it at an earlier timeslot than 7.30pm. The success of the show was when it was aired at 7pm. They cant put this up against high rollers like The Block n MKR. Sunday at 6pm to 7pm would be ideal.

  4. If they have to bring it back, ditching Michelle and Commando is a good idea(the last season was really more about their “romance” and less about the actual contestants).
    I’d have replaced Shannon too, and maybe asked Jillian Michaels to return to Australia also.

  5. I thought last season didn’t do that well in the ratings. I wonder why they are bringing it back?

    Also, my guess as to when in the year they are going to air it is that awkward few weeks between I’m a Celeb and MC

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